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I Survived Cancer!

Written by Gauri Singh on Feb 5, 2015 | Blogs on Cancer Today I am going to tell you a story. A story about a young and cheerful girl, a story about myself! Life could not have been more beautiful. Well, it could have been but then who is not a little greedy. I had returned [...]

Cancer Does Change You

Written by Nayonika Chatterjee on Feb 5, 2015 | Blogs on Cancer A few years back I didn’t even know what exactly cancer was! I knew it was a disease but what happened to the person suffering from this disease was unknown to me. The only exposure to cancer was, what I got from my [...]

Positive Thinking Can Cure Cancer

Written by Rakhi Sharma on Feb 5, 2015 | Blogs on Cancer In our life so many incidents occur, but some incident changes our life totally! Today I am going to share an incident which is so close to my heart that it never fades away! What will you do as a mother if your [...]

The Leading Cancer Killer in Women Isn’t What You Think

Reported by IANS on Feb 7, 2015 | Cancer Stories   According to a latest report released by the American Cancer Society and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), lung cancer has surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of death in females in developed countries. This change reflects the tobacco epidemic in [...]

Quote Unquote

Salman Khan
Salman Khan
We are reel life heroes, but children fighting cancer are the real heroes as they fight the biggest villain, which is death.

– Salman Khan, Actor

Priya Dutt
Priya Dutt
We need more diagnostic centers for cancer and make cancer treatment more affordable in India.

– Priya Dutt, Former Member of Parliament