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Cancer Is More Curable In Children Than In Adults

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Dr Mohammed Rela, Renowned Liver transplant surgeon and Dr Priya Ramachandran, Pediatric surgeon and Founder of Ray of Light Foundation, during the NDTV-Fortis Cancerthon highlighted the need to treat childhood cancer separately from adult cancer. They said that chances of cancer survival among children is higher than among adults. Infertility is a huge issue as a fallout of chemotherapy among adults but that is not the case with children who survive cancer. Even Liver cancer which is rare is said to be a success story when it comes to curing it among children.

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  1. Want to know about Heart Disease,I was having problem,about three years back,a stent was fixed and now I am on medication.Please advise which is best medicine,my age is 70 plus.

    • Take it as a friend. Make up your mind to be highly positive. Help others. The energy and confidence in you cures many irregularities. Till then continue your medication in a friendly manner.

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  4. I wanted to know that is by chewing pan masala and zarda cause mouth cancer if one have 5-6packets a day .

    He is having a healthy life he is28 years old . and there seems to be no problem
    He is eating pan masala since last 5-6 years .

    There is no abnormality in his day to day life his mouth is also healthy it seems . he is eating everything like fruits and foods as normal

    So I just wanted to know what are the indications of mouth cancer or cancer

  5. Awesome! Luv dis!