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Spreading Education

NDTV, together with the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, through the Shiksha Ki Ore Campaign, want to bring to the forefront the urgent need to provide education to all sections of the society, especially those who do not have access or the means to pursue their studies. The campaign looks to celebrate those who are fighting against all odds to pursue the path of literacy and hopes that their stories will inspire many more to educate themselves and take charge of their destiny.

Education: Against All Odds

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Acharya Devobhava: Let’s Empower Our Teachers

Let’s stop the blame game right from today and truly believe that we can empower our teachers. And that they have the infinite power within themselves to create a magical moment in school and community.

Education in India: Learning from the Past

Written by and  on August 12, 2015 | Blogs

A particularly interesting aspect of education in India, as we celebrate India’s 69th Independence Day, is the comparison of the change our freedom fighters anticipated and struggled to bring within our education system, with what the situation is at present.


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