Raghuveer Prasad

Raghuveer Prasad has been studying in a Hindi medium school right from the beginning of his schooling. He took admission in an English medium school a couple of years ago, and has started to understand the language in bits and fragments. “Akshay Bhaiya from ‘Humara Footpath’ has helped me cope and maintain pace with all that’s being taught in school along with tutelage in English”, Raghuveer says. Humara Footpath is an NGO in Mumbai that aims at holistic development of underprivileged children, young adults and families. It provides academic tutelage, life skill and vocation training to people.

Whatever English my son has learnt, is all thanks to the people teaching him in Mumbai’s Churchgate area, says Rita Devi, Raghuveer’s mother. She is very happy about the progress her son has made and believes that children shouldn’t be held back for their own good. “I push him to study, play football and indulge in his interests. It’s the only way he’ll get ahead in life. He is very sincere and works very hard. Sometimes he doesn’t even have time to eat his meals properly. He wakes up early to attend his football lessons, followed by his English lesson, after which he goes to school”, Rita says.

She cannot afford to send Raghuveer to a private school, but hopes that he can live a better and happier life than she did. Raghuveer hopes to give back to his family and change their lives after he lands a good job.