Written By: Anisha Bhatia | November 24, 2016

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Dipika Shah was battling with a damaged liver since 2005, but in 2014 her doctor informed her that she needed an urgent organ transplant.

The doctor informed Shah’s family that they had two ways of going about it – either they get a liver transplanted within the family, or get her name enrolled on the Cadaver Liver Transplant Recipient list within the hospital.

The doctors counselled the family about the risk and success ratio of both options. On one hand, there was a long waiting list with no clarity on when an organ would be available. On the other hand, were the fears and risks associated with one of the family donating their own organ.

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“I was afraid, very afraid. I couldn’t take decision at that time; I was definitely not ready to go for a transplant within the family. As that would have meant I lose from both sides,” says Ramesh  N   Shah, Husband of Liver Recipient.

It took Mr Shah one year to make a firm decision whether to opt for the transplant or not.

“I saw my wife leading a normal life; I thought medicines will do their magic trick on her. Somewhere in my subconsciousness I knew I will have to take the big decision of organ transplant soon, but that time I was just not ready,” added Mr Shah.

When the family saw Mrs Shah going worse day by day, they knew it was time to make a decision.

Finally in 2015, Mr Shah and family decided to get Dipika Shah’s name enrolled on the transplant recipient list.

“For the first time, I saw there was little hope in my wife’s eyes when she signed on the liver recipient list,” says Mr Shah.

Organ Donation Profiles - My Wife Successful Liver Transplant Is Like A New Lease Of Life For An Entire Family 2

Since 2015, Mrs Shah was in the waiting list. It was in October 2016 when she finally had a successful liver transplant. She is still in hospital and under observation; she is expected to be home anytime next week.

My Wife’s Successful Liver Transplant Is Like A New Lease Of Life For An Entire Family