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New Delhi: Life is said to be unpredictable. A moment of ecstasy can flip into a moment of sorrow in no time. In July this year, life in Gupta household in South Delhi’s Kalkaji area took an unforeseen turn when they suddenly found their mother lying unconscious. The Family immediately rushed 72-year-old Shardha Aggarwal, a mother of two to a nearby hospital.

We admitted her to a nearby hospital and doctors simply said it is a case of high blood pressure and accordingly initiated medication. Even after one hour, when things didn’t improve, doctors did a CT scan which suggested it is a case of sudden brain hemorrhage, a type of a stroke, recounts Praveen Gupta, son of Shardha Aggarwal while speaking to NDTV.

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Even under the supervision of doctors, Ms Aggarwal had another stroke attack and after fighting for her life for around 36 hours, she was declared brain dead by doctors. Her family still hoped for her recovery as her organs kept functioning, but her brain ceased to work. But the fact was, no one recovers from brain death.

In hospital, near ICU, there was a poster of Raveena Tandon urging people for organ donation. I used to cross that poster everyday, but the mere thought of donating my mother’s organs never crossed my mind, maybe I was hoping for some improvement in her condition. I called my maternal uncle and he too suggested organ donation and I was completely okay with it. The only apprehension was how my maternal aunts and other uncles will react to it, says Mr Gupta.

72-Year-Old Brain Dead Woman From Delhi Gifts New Life To Five Strangers

Shardha Aggarwal with her son Praveen Gupta and daughter-in-law

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Once the entire family agreed for organ donation, Mr Gupta gave his consent and the process of organ harvesting was commenced. While Ms Aggarwal’s kidneys and liver gave a new lease of life to three individuals, cornea gave vision to two strangers.

We have not pledged for organ donation, but my immediate family is well aware about it. Also, since we have done it once, we will do it again, as and when time comes, says Mr Gupta.

The sudden demise of Ms Aggarwal came nothing less than a shock for her family, but despite the irreparable loss the void in family has been filled by the realisation that their mother made a huge difference to the lives of five strangers. Like Ms Aggarwal, you too can give a gift of life to others. Take the pledge to be an organ donor.

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NDTV – Fortis More To Give campaign aims to promote organ donation and encourage Indians to take the pledge to be an organ donor. India has among the lowest rates of organ donation in the world at 0.5 donor per million population, which is far less compared to over 30 donors per million in some western countries. On an average, five lakh Indians die every year unable to get an organ transplant in time due to the shortage of organs. Every year on National Organ Donation Day on November 27, a Walkathon is organised across different cities of India to raise awareness, bust myths about organ donation and encourage people to become organ donors. Over the years, the campaign has gathered support from celebrities like actor Irrfan Khan, Swara Bhasker, Gul Panag and Former Indian Hockey Captain Sandeep Singh.