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Why india Needs to Donate Organs

New Delhi: Approximately 5 lakh people across the nation die each year. There is a wide gap between the number of transplants awaited, and the organs available. The depressing statistics convey the urgent need for more people to step and donate their organs; save the lives of people languishing due to organ failure.

Organ Donation - Why India Needs to donate organs

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The Number of Donors

While 36 persons per million of population donated organs in Spain in 2014, 35 donated in Croatia, 27.02 donated in the United States, and only 0.34 donated in India.

Severe lack of organs and poverty are the reasons why illegal organ trading is thriving. Organ donation should not be an example of unethical commerce; we must restore its value.

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Brain Dead Donors

Brain death refers to the irreversible end of all brain activity. It occurs due to a major head injury, or bleeding in the brain due to a stroke among other reasons. Brain dead persons are kept on ventilators (artificial support) to ensure all organs remain oxygenated and healthy until they are harvested.

We need to promote deceased donation in order to meet the demand of organs, and to beat the organ black market.

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