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He Quit A High Paying Job To Become A Road Safety Crusader In Coimbatore

Meet S Ramasubramanian who left his high paying job in Bengaluru so as he can educate everyone about road safety

Written By: Anisha Bhatia | January 10, 2018 6:56 AM | Road Safety Warriors

He Quit A High Paying Job To Become A Road Safety Crusader In Coimbatore

Every day, for the past one month, S Ramasubramanian has been making the rounds of schools, colleges and offices across Coimbatore. Armed with a traffic safety manual, he goes from place to place teaching traffic rules, signs, driving techniques and first aid. He is also instrumental in educating people about the Good Samaritan law and why it is important to help an accident victim. His mission is to spread the message of road safety across Coimbatore.

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My mission is to make my country an accident-free zone. But, sadly the statistics of road fatalities in India are heart-breaking. There is not a single day when you don’t come across a story on road accident in the newspaper. With 69,059 road deaths in the year 2015, Tamil Nadu topped the charts of states with most accidents. In Coimbatore alone, there are 5 deaths due to road accidents every day. These grim statistics made me take up road safety as my mission, says S Ramasubramanian who is now a founder of Dove Drive Without Borders, an NGO working towards the cause of road safety.

So what made this former finance manager from Bengaluru quit his cushy, high paying job and turn into a road safety crusader?

S Ramasubramanian’s Journey As A Road Safety Crusader

He Quit A High Paying Job To Become A Road Safety Crusader In Coimbatore

Mr Ramasubramaniyan’s mission for safer roads in India began long back when he challenged a clause in the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act that levied a lifetime tax on vehicles from other States if they remained in Karnataka beyond 30 days. He went on to win that case. “I gathered a lot of support from people during those days and I wanted this ‘people movement’ to continue. That’s when it triggered the thought in me that I should address the issue of road safety.”

Soon, Mr Ramasubramanian said goodbye to his comfortable lifestyle and started visiting educational institutions, corporate offices and even individual apartments just so he could teach people to be a responsible driver or road user.

I knew I was taking a huge risk when I left my cushy job, nonetheless, I decided to go ahead with my initiative. What’s worrisome is that half of the accidents that take place on Indian roads are caused by people who have licenses. I wanted to educate them, added Mr Ramasubramanian who has been investing his own money into these road safety initiatives.

Until now, Mr Ramasubramanian has covered about 700 educational institutions. His sessions are for everyone – from young kids to adults to drivers.

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“My road safety message is for everyone out there – yes, even kids too! Most of the times, parents buy their children bicycles but don’t teach them about road safety. That’s a huge problem, children too are road victims, they should know their roads,” added Mr Ramasubramanian.

He signs off by telling us, I want India to become a safe place to drive, I will need the help of everyone out there but sooner or later we will achieve this target. I have started this road safety movement in a small city of India for now; very soon I will cover the whole country.


  1. K Sundar

    Many congratulations on continuing with your good work Sir, Sadly all the initiatives of yours will fall into deaf years as the youth of the state do not follow systems and not want to be governed by any system, Of the many accidents that happens on our roads is mainly involving the youth, So it is going to be a long crusade and hope you realize your vision.

  2. ramya

    Mr Ramasubramanin you are doing a great service to India and particularly to Tamil nadu which has become the centre point of so many accidents
    .Many young lives are getting lost daily and it pains even to read it .
    One can imagine the plight of their families who had pinned so many hopes on them .
    All these accidents occur probably mostly due to drunken driving /over speed driving/ under age driving/road licence being easily available even without proper skills thanks to bribes/ poor vehicle maintanence / traffic rules getting neglected seriously and police being indifferent to it by getting diverted to politicians places for security and being non available on roads or allowing the rule breakers go easily by taking bribes etc etc etc .
    State government is not taking any real action for cutting down the number of accidents .
    The helmet rule has to be strictly implemented but it is easily being floated .
    .Also some of the main roads are not maintained properly .
    If all this has to change People have to realise this on their own and start practising safety measures striclty .
    .Please continue your good misison..
    People especially the youth and students would definitely support you .Best wishes .

  3. prasad shekhar

    I am a young graduate researching on road safety. A very good initiative by Mr. S Ramasubramanian. Stricter driving license tests and educating them right from truck drivers , car owners to auto rickshaw drivers is important. Implementing the traffic laws on ground is crucial.

  4. Sridharan S

    Good Work Sir. Very few like you concerned on these, expecting nothing in return…Salute

  5. Roy

    A big salute and thank you for your great work.

  6. MP

    Dear Mr Ramasubramanian- where do we get your email id or phone to connect. We want to expand this to Hyderabad too!!!- Mahesh


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