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Delhi Traffic Police Shares Viral South Korea Video To Sensitise Motorists

To sensitise people about the importance of cooperation during a road accident, the Delhi Traffic police shared a viral video of an accident in South Korea

Written By: Saptarshi Dutta | December 11, 2017 1:00 PM | News

Delhi Traffic Police Shares Viral South Korea Video To Sensitise Motorists
  • Delhi Traffic Police shared a video of a tunnel accident in South Korea
  • The video showed how people cooperated to create a passage
  • The video was shared to sensitise people about road accidents

We live in the age of social media with everyone from heads of states to government departments using Twitter and Facebook to connect with the people. So when a YouTube video of citizens in South Korea showing impeccable traffic manners and discipline went viral a few days ago, the Delhi Police decided to share it on their own social media handles, to sensitise Delhi’s motorists. The minute-long video, shared on their Facebook page and Twitter handle on Thursday has received over a thousand views so far.

The video showed a massive traffic pile-up inside a tunnel. Soon, people started getting out of their cars to investigate, and once they realized that it was an accident, they quickly moved their vehicles to the sides to create a passage in the middle of the road for emergency services to arrive. Anyone who has driven on Indian roads know how unlikely it is for motorists here to show similar road discipline. Now, the Delhi Police want to hold this instance up as an example to Delhi drivers.

“The idea to share the video was too sensitise people regarding what to do whenever there is an accident. Here, people often do not budge from their respective lanes even when there is an accident, resulting in the delay of arrival of help. By sharing the video, we wanted people to understand that we can be similarly sensitive and do our bit during emergencies,” said Ravinder Soni, Assistant Commissioner of Traffic, Delhi Police.

Road safety has been a matter of concern in India for long. A staggering 5,01,423 road accidents occurred in 2015, as fatalities numbered to 1,46,133. The statistics further reveal that 1,374 road accidents and 400 deaths take place every day on Indian roads.

It is commendable that the Delhi Traffic Police is taking alternative approaches to sensitise people on road safety issues. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which are accessed by a large number of people, are perfect to relay messages of road safety and sensitivity. By using viral content on platforms like Facebook and Twitter extensively to create road safety related awareness, the Delhi Traffic Police is becoming social media friendly and as a result, reaching out to more people. Other police departments can take a cue from the Delhi Traffic Police’s social media friendliness and engage in similar usage of social media for public awareness.

You can watch the video shared by Delhi Traffic Police on their Twitter handle, below.

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