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New Delhi: Rakesh Kapoor’s wife Namita was just 52 when she met with a fatal accident. A series of treatments and even a surgery did not help and she was declared brain dead. At the height of his despair, when he was grappling with the suddenness of his tragedy, Rakesh Kapoor took a decision that would affect many lives around him.

“About two years ago, in June 2014, my wife passed away and it happened all of a sudden. She was declared brain dead. Something called out to me saying what will happen if I donate her organs?” he said.

Even the doctors were surprised at the clarity and nobility of his intentions.

“The doctor said how did you ask this yourself? We’re the ones who convince people.”

While he prepared for his wife’s burial, five patients received a chance at a second life.

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“A priest asked me if we wanted to donate something on her death. Tears filled my eyes as I thought about the donation that what we’ve done. It can’t even be imagined,” he recalled.

Rakesh Kapoor was no stranger to the issue of organ donation. Just 5 years ago, he went from hospital to hospital across India to find a suitable match for his brother who needed an urgent liver transplant. His brother had to wait for a long period before he finally got a donor. Kapoor hoped that his decision would mean an end to another needy family’s wait.

“Maybe the one who we’ve given it to is lucky,” he said.