Written By: Anisha Bhatia | Edited By: Sonia Bhaskar | November 27, 2018 6:30 PM | News

#OrganDonationDay: For The Fourth Time In A Row, Tamil Nadu Gets Awarded As ‘Best Performing State’ In Organ Donation

New Delhi: As India observes the 9th edition of Organ Donation Day on November 27, Tamil Nadu celebrates the day by receiving the best-performing state award for organ donation, for the fourth time in a row. The state’s Health Minister Dr Vijaya Baskar received the Union ministry of health and family welfare’s best performance award for organ donation in New Delhi today, sharing the news on social media, the minister said,

Today (27.11.2018) at the 9th edition of organ donation day in New Delhi, I am excited that Tamil Nadu has been honored with the “Best Performing State For Organ Donation. The Tamil Nadu Government continues to enjoy this for the 4th time!

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Highlighting what makes Tamil Nadu different from the other states, Mr Baskar added,

Tamil Nadu has always been in the forefront of Health Sector Reforms. The Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu is first of its kind initiative in the whole country. In the state, so far, from 2008 to 2018, 6886 organs have been harvested from 1198 donors, which is well ahead of all other states in India.

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Mr Baskar further said,

In Tamil Nadu, organ transplantation needs of the poor patients are taken care of by both the government and the privately run hospitals for free of cost. Under the state health insurance scheme, the government of Tamil Nadu sanctions up to Rs 35 lakh for transplantation, which is the highest in the country.

The minister signed off by saying,

The success of the transplant programme in the state is attributed to several factors, such as transparency, decentralization, stakeholders participation, flexibility, NGOs support and the knowledge programmes within the state that is motivating more and more people to come forward for the organ donation cause.

Apart from being the best-performing state for organ donation, Tamil Nadu has also become the first state for various initiatives like mandatory certification of brain stem deaths, streamlining organ distribution and setting up green corridors. Last year, the Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu also launched an app named Donate Organs TN, to make registration for donors simpler.

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With these one-of-its-kind initiatives, Tamil Nadu continues its efforts for generating awareness for the cause of organ donation and being on top of the organ donation game, thereby becoming a role model for other cities of India.

NDTV – Fortis More To Give campaign aims to promote organ donation and encourage Indians to take the pledge to be an organ donor. India has among the lowest rates of organ donation in the world at 0.5 donor per million population, which is far less compared to over 30 donors per million in some western countries. On an average, five lakh Indians die every year unable to get an organ transplant in time due to the shortage of organs. Every year on National Organ Donation Day on November 27, a Walkathon is organised across different cities of India to raise awareness, bust myths about organ donation and encourage people to become organ donors. Over the years, the campaign has gathered support from celebrities like actor Irrfan Khan, Swara Bhasker, Gul Panag and Former Indian Hockey Captain Sandeep Singh.