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Organ Donation -Lakhs Can Be Saved Due To 1.5 Lakh Brain Deaths Annually - J P Nadda, Health Minister
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Government will come out with rules, regulations and protocols for facilitating organ donation. Health Minister J P Nadda stated this today, while terming organ donation “an egalitarian and a moral act”, that called for a national movement.

Expressing concern over the present rate of organ donation and transplantation not being close to the requirement in the country, he said organs were national resource and not even one, should be wasted.

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He along with officers, staffers, doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff members of all central government
hospitals of the national capital pledged to donate his organs.

Also present were participants from the NDTV-Fortis #MoreToGive Walkathon that took place at the India Gate today to create and enhance awareness surrounding organ donation, an official statement said.

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“The Ministry is presently framing rules, regulations and protocols for facilitating organ donation. There are about 1.5 lakh brain deaths happening in the country every year, and organs from them can be used for saving lives of several lakh patients. It is a matter of concern that the current organ donation and transplantation rate is not close to the requirement within the country for organs. We have started taking decisive steps for harvesting cadaver organs and tissues and saving many lives a result of this,” Nadda said.

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Health Ministry is implementing the National Organ Transplant Programme with a view to promote organ donation
from deceased persons and increase the availability of organs for transplantation.

The Minister said a number of activities have already commenced as part of the programme and the state governments have been sensitised about the need to have systems in place to improve awareness in this regard.

Later, in a series of tweets, Nadda said “Administered Pledge for #OrganDonation to encourage people to participate
in this noble cause. It is indeed a special year for @MoHFW_INDIA since it has organised several activities to
propagate the message of donation”.

“NOTTO had 10,000 pledges till June 2016. Today we have about 1,00,000. I appreciate the effort & fix a target of 20,00,000 by next year,” he further tweeted.