Organ donors
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An average of four lakh Indians die every year, hoping and praying. Even though they know the shortfall of organs is acute, they have no option. They continue to wait in the dark.

In response to the crisis, NDTV and Fortis Healthcare took up the issue in 2016 to mobilize the nation for the cause. 2016 saw the disabled army men come forward and pledge their organs. They fought with all their might, lost their limbs in the process yet they feel they have “More to Give.” 2017 brought forward people who have been on the organ transplant list for a long time and are patiently waiting to get an organ. They are the ones who know what difference an organ can make to someone’s life and were ready to pledge their organs just in case they did not get to live longer due to lack of getting one.

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In 2018, there is a new wave in the country and people, especially the youth have realised there is more to sports than just cricket. They can relate to these sportsmen/women and look up to them for inspiration. This year we aim to get on board “The Uncelebrated Sports persons” who have given it their all and made the country proud by putting it on the international stage. These are the people who have won innumerable medals for the country in Olympics, Commonwealth games, Asian games and everywhere else, yet they are never given the due credit. They are never celebrated, they toil all their lives and give it their best, yet we feel they have “More to Give”.

India has the dual ignominy of maximum number of road accident-related deaths in the world but one of the lowest organ donation rates. India as a country has a celebrated and respected culture of giving. To put others’ needs in front of one’s own desires is something that is truly Indian. But this culture of giving is not carried over in the area of organ donation, not because of lack of intent, but because of lack of awareness and concern.

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We all think that Organ donation is a special act that only few can do. At heart of this lies the awakening that each one us has the potential to be an organ donor irrespective of our means, age, class, colour or religion. Each one of us has more to give than we realize. We all have the power to light up more lives. We all have the power to make a difference!

We want to make people realise that even after they have passed away, they still have ways to contribute to society, they still can save lives, they still have #MoreToGive – all through the simple act of registering as organ donor.

Take The Pledge: Be An Organ Donor