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Requirement of a Child is Different From Adult Cancer: Survivor’s Parent

Written by on Jan 9, 2015 | Blogs

Dr  Mishra

I Sonal Sharma, the parent of a cancer survivor Shubhangi who is today 18 years old.

My child was diagnosed with ALL at the age of 2 years. I did not know where I had to go for support, her treatment or how to survive that moment. As a mother, my world shattered. I was very desperate to seek help. My only support was my husband and my family who stood with me and made me bold enough to face the moment as my inspiration.

Together we prepared ourselves to go ahead with the treatment procedure of our child. The treatment started at AIIMS and every day I would come with hope that everything will be fine and she will be a winner. As the treatment went on I was not feeling so confident of what waits for me at the end of the tunnel. Would there be light or darkness was not known to me. There was no one who would hold my hand and tell me something that would soothe my soul and mind.

I thank God for giving me the right doctors and having no financial problems but still I could not find even one parent to hold my hand to share my emotions and fearful thoughts who would tell me that it may be difficult but it’s not impossible.

By God’s grace the course came to an end thanks to proper treatment of the doctors, prayers of the family and support of friends. Then my husband told me that, “May be God must have taught us a harder way but a very beautiful lesson of life. Let’s hold hand of each and every parent whose child is suffering from Cancer.” This just inspired me to go ahead and join Indian Cancer Society Delhi’s emotional support group, Cancer Sahyog where I met Poonam Baggai, who herself is a cancer survivor.

Poonam had the same vision as mine to work for the cause of Childhood Cancer and let the world know that the requirement of a child is different from adult Cancer. This made us conceptualize Cankids and we started working towards making our dream come true. In 2004 we set up Cankids initially under the umbrella of ICS Delhi. But we grew out of Delhi, across India, and in 2012 we set up our own national Society. Today we work pan India, in over 41 cancer centers.

Over past 14 years I have been working with full heart, honesty and passion. I am the Director of the Parent Support Group (PSG), Kids Can Konnect (KCK) – survivor group and Capacity Building department of Cankids. Today the group of PSG has grown to 20 Delhi and 20 NOP, 100 Awaaz and Periodic Members & 70 KCK Survivor’s.

As I look back and see the road I have travelled in the world of Cancer, I thank God for my husband and my family who became my support, my daughter who is my inspiration and my friend Poonam who became my mentor and my guide in this journey to make the impossible possible in the field of Childhood Cancer and as our motto says – Because together we can.

About The Author: Sonal Sharma is a Parent and Co-Founder of Cankids

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