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How do we react when we see discrimination, harassment, abuse? Do we intervene and help or do we walk away?

Share your own experience videos and photos of how people react to a crisis, distress and discriminatory situation around them, using the form below.

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Social Experiments By Citizens

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  1. This type of attitude prevails at most unlikeliest of places. Recently I found the following on the website of a PSB in their Customer Grievance Redressal Policy:
    “Time Frame for resolution of complaints :
    The policy for disposal of complaints within the time frame of our Bank shall be as under :
    Complaints received by the Bank are to be acknowledged immediately.
    Complaints received from MOF/DPG/RBI/Other VIPs are to be disposed of within 1 (one) week.
    Complaints received directly from customers/public are to be redressed within 3 weeks.”
    To a common customer it seems strange that time frame for resolution of complaints received from Ministry of Finance,Deptt.of Public Grievances,Reserve Bank of India, VIPs should be seven days but in contrast the bank will take 3 weeks to resolve complaints made by the customers directly at the bank branch. When I asked the definition of a VIP from the bank people none, not even the manager could tell me.I always thought that to a bank every customer was a VIP! Now where does it leave a common customer who is not able to get his complaint forwarded through the ministry or RBI or is not a VIP as defined by the bank?

  2. Rotten abuse of power and government exchequer. I happen to be at tertiary care centre today to for a close uncle in the ICU. What surprised me was the presence if a police inspector in the waiting room of the ICU. At first i thought he was a visitor. But since he kept following a particular man, i inquired with the staff regarding the identity of the person he followed. The concerned person was a visitor for his relative in the ICU. THis visitor was no VIP..not by any standards..BUT..he was the PA to the ‘VIP”family in Mumbai. With those credentials, he had a police officer with him for the entire day. If that is not an abuse of power, i do not know what is.

  3. it is very sickening to see VIPs getting special treatment in Tirumala – Tiupati for Balaji darshan.. the authorities concerned show more interest in VIPs than on ordinary devotees who they don’t bother… UP. Manoharr

  4. The ugly social issues that India is facing today are quite upsetting. I sometime feel that there is no way out since nobody seems concerned.’What’s your Choice’ has surely brought some solace to me and I am sure to many other Indians too. When I see people taking stand and helping out the victims (in the simulated situations)I feel happy. It instills a confidence in me that things will improve someday for sure and the day is not far. Good job NDTV!! The initiative is a good way to sensitize the people against the evils in the society. I hope the program covers many other cities too and for this I wish the entire team all the best !!

  5. Whats your choice? ( Domestic violence)
    Dear Prannoy Sir,

    Sir putting my point directly on the issue been broadcasted, i would like your experiment/views to be also on how can children deal with the issue of domestic violence at home when they see that one of their parent is physically thrashing other or publically disrespecting/insulting. Because as a family member sometimes children are too helpless to counter his/her aggressive parent. Many a times children along with spouse gets ill treated in domestic issues in male chauvinist society.

    Hope nation & people will get educated on such important issues.