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What’s Your Choice: Special Edition

Through this final episode of What’s Your Choice for this season we thank you very, very much for all your wonderful support, your encouraging comments and your determination to fight with us against social evils by intervening. This show has made it clear, when anyone asks an ordinary Indian – What’s Your Choice – you’ve answered categorically – step in and do something, act – do not turn away and say this is none of my business.



Social Experiments By Citizens

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  1. Dear Mr Roy, I have seen a few episodes of your campaign on ending VIP privileges. I’m impressed with the initiative but feel the depictions are a bit misdirected as far as our culture goes. Unless you show visuals of some political figures of Nordic countries cycling to office every day or celebrities driving their own cars,waiting in a queue for their turn, etc, mindsets are not going to change. Indian society conveniently and proudly goes by virtue of examples set by foreign standard.. So if visuals of events like ones mentioned above are flashed on your channel, perhaps the impact might be better. Best wishes on your initiative…. It’s high time we Indians changed our peusdo grandeur to realism. Regards, Ashish

  2. Last December I was admitted in Peerless hospital Kolkata where a patient was brought in for gall stone surgery.She was in the bed next to mine and we had struck a friendship.She was encouraged to go through the surgery till her blood test revealed that she was HIV positive. Immediately the surgeon posponed her surgery and encouraged her to seek another hospital where she may undergo the surgery .The nurses bo9ldly declared in an all knowing manner that they knew that the surgery would be postponed. They put up a yellow tag on her bed and junior doctors where making obscene jokes and lewd remarks like how could she have cotracted the disease when her husband is testing negative? Her husband was apparently negative .The husband who visited her was very courageous and took up the matter with the senior doctors who pretended helplessness and said that things were worse in government hospitals where the ayays too refused to clean beds of the patient .Since her bed was just beside mine I could hear the conversation going on and later on I asked her not to worry as long time back I worked as a senior research officer in ODA (UK) sponsored project on HIV AIDS.I told her that apart from the fact that there are now medicine available there are also huge controversy on the status of the virus which she might find in the website WWW. virusmyth .com. She slept in the bed whole day weeping and worrying that her husband would now divorce her and she had no relatives to care for her. Worst she could not confide in anyway for the fear of stigma. There is little people can do in such situations like protest etc unless the state brought stringent laws against those who discriminated againt HIV positive patient and such refusals to operate on HIV positive patients. It would be wonderful if you could run a feature on those who are discriminated for their HIV status in the public domain. Kind regards , Uma Chaudhuri

  3. Well i think Now days people are discriminating on the basis of language also specially them who don’t know english

  4. Dear Pranoy
    Im Ayush, a profound hearing impaired individual, who has fought his way in the system to get a Post graduation from the world famous “NID in Graphic design”. Yet when it comes to “Equal Opportunity” none of the corporates consider. I have been pleading with corporates like Tata, Aditya Birla, Flipkart, Lowe Lintas, Godrej, to give me an equal opportunity. Whenever I do get an opportunity, I am given a much lower salary and made to work very odd hours. Even a sick leave is a luxury. Can We not have an equal opportunity for the deserving handicapped?

  5. Dear Pranoy,

    (I am resending this comment as it has not come on line yet!!!)

    What’s your choice is a wonderful initiative and is encouraging to see people ready to challenge societal biases.
    I saw the episode “What’s Your Choice: Say No to Colour Discrimination” this evening (25th March 2014). To me the impact of the whole program was lost when it ended with a fairness cream commercial with a prominent actor. Is this not a huge irony?
    NDTV has been a great news channel and has often stood up for many just causes. If you really feel we should put an end to color discrimination, can your channel take the lead in saying NO to commercials promoting fair skin as a means to success?
    I have not had much success in writing to actors and sports personalities acting in commercials promoting fair skin in dissuading them from being part of the fairness culture. I do not think I have the power, connection and reach to convince personalities to stay away from promoting fairness products.
    Your channel has the ability and reach to influence people who matter. It will not be a bad idea if you can actually run a campaign similar to say no to VIP culture.
    As a first step, Can I trust NDTV to stand up and deny being a medium for fairness products to run down the psyche of Indians?
    V. Sundar Kumar
    Research Scholar
    Manipal University