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One area in which India is said to be ahead of other countries – especially ahead of developed western nations – is the way we respect and look after our parents and the elderly. It’s something we in India are proud of. And rightfully so. There is one worry though – many people now say that we in India used to respect and look after our elders – apparently that may be changing now.

With the fast–paced and self-absorbed lifestyle and careers of the young Indian – this Indian characteristic of caring and respect for the elderly is said to be fading. Is this true? Does India care and respect its elders less than before? Are we becoming like the west with their nuclear families and their elderly confined to old-people’s homes. What do you think? Tweet your views using #StopAbuseoftheElderly.

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In case you have witnessed a senior citizen being harassed or experience abuse as an elderly, share your story below.

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State of Elderly in India

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  1. I travel to India twice a year to see my family and I am taking care Elderly in USA as a Physician since 1998.

    Financial, social ,Emotional and Physical abuse is increasing in India. It is in all the countries.

    first want to Thank NDTV to touch on this issue .
    We need better laws and better caring system for elderly in India .
    I am and any body working in Health care is Mandatory reporter . we can be jailed or fined for not reporting .

  2. Respect of the grandparent and elders have been a judgemental subject from ancient time. Someone says respect should be earned. Someone believes that respect cannot be given freely. Contradictions among the people born from individual’s nature and behavior. our youths are running for earning of lot of money and they have forgotten the respect of the elders. elder means not that those person who are in your relationship, but for every elders. this is the duty of every youth. i am very happy to see your program and really appreciate to you that you choose a perfect topic. so i want to say to every youth they must respect the elders and if anywhere anybody misbehaving with elder then fight for justice bcoz now they are not able to fight for their own justice.

  3. Great program. Keep inspiring.

  4. I completely agree that elders should be respected, but has anybody thought that elders need to listen to their children too.
    Just like a child listens to their parents, shouldn’t elders trust and listed to their children when they are not capable of doing things on their own. It this role reversal which elders need to understand and accept.

    I,my wife,my kids have lived with my grandparents and parents in a joint family. My grand parents lived till 85. But they just wouldn’t listen to anyone. Grandfather would refuse to wear diapers and wet himself. Grandmother would shout, hit and remove her maid continuously. We had to keep on finding new staff or she would expect my mother to do her work and take her to the toilet. Grandparents would complain to their 8 other children and they would come and support them. But none of them wanted to stay with them.
    And even after staying together with my grandparents till the very end, we are the black sheep of the family.