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One area in which India is said to be ahead of other countries – especially ahead of developed western nations – is the way we respect and look after our parents and the elderly. It’s something we in India are proud of. And rightfully so. There is one worry though – many people now say that we in India used to respect and look after our elders – apparently that may be changing now.

With the fast–paced and self-absorbed lifestyle and careers of the young Indian – this Indian characteristic of caring and respect for the elderly is said to be fading. Is this true? Does India care and respect its elders less than before? Are we becoming like the west with their nuclear families and their elderly confined to old-people’s homes. What do you think? Tweet your views using #StopAbuseoftheElderly.

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In case you have witnessed a senior citizen being harassed or experience abuse as an elderly, share your story below.

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State of Elderly in India

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  1. Hats off to NDTV for starting this campaign.. Today’s younger generation who don’t have patience and respect is the reflection of Nucleus family culture. Hope this campaign changes the attitude towards elderly people ..”elders can be some bodies parents or grand parents and one day you may take their place and think if some body behave in the same way “

  2. How about ‘elders’ like R K Pachauri??

    Please change this to ‘#StopAbuse’… every action has an equal and opposite reaction….

  3. Very much inspiring!!!. Salute NDTV for this initiative. More such frequent awareness campaign required to change the mindsets of the larger society who still exploit & abuse the old people. Appreciate the actors who boldly participated in this knowing they will have a backlash. It proves India does care. Do start many more of such social issues and let all raise the voice for any elderly abuse. Lets make India a friendly country by respecting each other. Jai Hind.

  4. Thanks a lot for making such kind of social awareness program. It’s very inspiring keep spreading as much as you can and i want you to take some more different subject like when you came across any accident, racism and eve teasing.

  5. Like always – Another great initiative “NDTV”

    With you…