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How do we react when we see discrimination, harassment, abuse? Do we intervene and help or do we walk away?

Share your own experience videos and photos of how people react to a crisis, distress and discriminatory situation around them, using the form below.

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  1. There is a public road branching off from NH8 to join up with Dwarka Link Road. Astride this road are four-five Farm Houses. It is Obvious that persons with sufficient clout and link with authorities own these properties. They have strung across four “vicious” speed breakers on the road used by the public astride the entrances to these lavish premises. The speed breakers are a hump of solid concrete which are very dangerous for those in the cars and for the car itself. How are they getting away with such blatant disregard for the “aam admi”. Its a shameful display of exclusivity and VIP syndrome.

  2. Today almost all the politicians come to power or take shelter of politics only for their selfish requirements. No fellow thinks he is joining politics to serve people. They are enjoying with the public money. Some of the Kingdoms are far better than this so called dirty Independence and republic.

  3. Chandigarh Railway Station is a shame with such an evident VIP syndrome. The main entrance road is reserved only for the so called VIP’s which is a 3 lane road, whereas the road for general traffic is a 2 lane road with trees in the middle of the road and one lane of the road used by autos and taxis for parking..
    So a few VIP’s have the most prime 3 lanes reserved for them whereas the numerous general public has effectively one lane often causing traffic jams and nuisance.

    There is no law in the country which allows this demarcation. The fundamental right to equality is defeated and yet our administration continues to do themselves favour without thinking about the citizens.

    Its a shame..

  4. Since the globalisation era started in India way back in 1991-92, many things happened. It really strengthened our economy and allowed foreigners to look into Indian market to sell their products and also establish their brands. It was the era when Indians were exposed to many brands which they only heard and saw. The introduction of cable tv system was another feather where indians can watch made in usa program.. and thus were starting to get exposed to their lifestyles. Star Plus, channel V, Mtv.. and later on F-TV. Different kind of jobs/career options started opening basically in our metros. The youth from smaller towns started to come in metros for the job. Everything was good till the time it was looking good.
    There is always pros and cons of something new.
    Before that era, Indians were more homely people, living in joint families, communities etc. After getting exposed to US soap operas and liberal attitude rather personal independence, india’s middle class people started exploring to be independent. They were young, working in MNC’s, BPO’s or call centres, IT company’s, paid good, and in starting it was a very rosy picture presented to them.
    I can say that, then was the time when Isolation was started.

    Today many elderly people face the problem of isolation, thanks to “my independence” attitude in Indian’s, grew in all these years.

    Independence is Good, but over-independent attitude will ruin the story. Over-independence gives rise to gray things in individual. Crime cases have gone up since 1991..check the crime graphs and aks yourself ..how? and why?

    Look at the society today… more and more people indulging in alcoholism, cigarettes smoking, free sex and other things. Every individual has the right to be free, but that doesn’t allow him to do evil.
    Its true that when one can vote at 18 yrs, he/she can also have alcohol or smoke or sex.. but these independent rights are only making people less law abiding and more indulging in bad things..less concerned about their families its values..

    Indian-ness is all about values..to respect every relation.. be it father, mother, teacher.. or anyone we know and even any elderly people..
    Americanism or westernisation is to make mockery of all the relations.. use abusive languages.

    I really condemn in the harshest of my words to the “AIB” kind of program, though they were to certain people only..But anything on youtube where big stars are involved with the hint of fun in it cant be restricted to specific audience..it will go rounds and shared everywhere.. “100 crore people saw that shit” and thy still claim it was for specific people.

    We generally do what we are told not to do..its a human psyche. Why the level of doing jokes has become so downgraded.. or sadakchaap. Its an evil for society.

    Every problem is so interlinked, we need to understand by going to the core of it.

  5. Has anybody noticed that the departure terminal of New Delhi’s
    IGI Airport is a shameful example of the feudal mindset of
    India’s ruling elite. What could be a better way to showcase
    our mentality than showing it blatantly at the doorsteps of
    our country the gateway to our capital.

    The leftmost lane in IGI T3 is reserved for so called “VIPs”.
    Whereas for the rest of the lesser mortals , the farthest
    right most lane is provided.

    It is a common site to see senior citizens/children struggling
    from the outermost lane to the terminal gates braving the
    cross traffic of inner lanes, The “VIPs” with the red beacons
    land right at the innermost lane and are escorted to the
    terminal gates.

    I’ve never seen such a shameful display of power anywhere in
    the world.