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Vadodara’s Traffic Police Engages With People From All Walks Of Life During Road Safety Week

The Vadodara traffic police department approached Road Safety Week in a manner, to encourage people’s participation

Written By: Saptarshi Dutta | Edited By: Sonia Bhaskar | May 01, 2018 11:06 AM | News

Vadodara’s Traffic Police Engages With People From All Walks Of Life During Road Safety Week
  • 1,046 people died in Vadodara road accidents in 2016
  • The city’s traffic department engaged with people to spread awareness
  • Traffic personnel also held events in schools to popularise road safety

New Delhi: Scenes of traffic police personnel sticking stickers on vehicles may be associated with violation off traffic rules, but not for residents of Vadodara. The Road Safety Week from April 23 to 30 saw Vadodara traffic police personnel engage in a number of creative activities to spread road safety awareness among the city’s residents. Organising multiple programmes across the city throughout the week, the traffic police department reached out to drivers, pedestrians and even school children to spread the word on road safety.

The city traffic police formed several teams and assigned them important spots throughout the city so that they can approach drivers and pedestrians and give them basic messages on road safety. Drivers of vehicles were explained basic road safety rules and regulations and marked with a sticker which pledged allegiance of adherence to road safety rules. Over 8,000 vehicles have been marked with such stickers, which include two-wheelers, buses and trucks. The Vadodara traffic police teams have also visited schools and spoken to teachers and students alike about the importance of road safety and basic rules to follow to avoid accidents and fatalities.

We did not want an awareness programme that will follow a same mundane routine for seven days and disinterest people. We wanted people to be a part of the awareness campaign, know what they are thinking of traffic rules and regulations and how willing they are to follow traffic rules. That is why we went ahead with a more creative approach, said Amita Vanani, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Traffic Police, Vadodara.

For school students, instead of a regular rally, the traffic police department decided to take a new approach. A painting and quiz competition on road safety was organised, where students were asked to come up with artwork related to the theme of traffic and answer questions on basic traffic rules and regulations. Understanding that majority of the commuters were office going individuals, the traffic department also organised for talk sessions in various office parks and private companies, where officials from the department explained traffic rules, penalties and risks of accidents and fatalities involved with not adhering to traffic regulations.

During the Road Safety Week, we found out that a number of people were unaware of some of the most basic traffic rules. We gave them examples of how not following simple road rules can result in deaths. This was the first time such an interactive session was held with so many people from the city, said Ms Vanani.

Vadodara’s traffic department is hoping that the awareness built during the Road Safety Week will help in reducing the over 1,000 accidents per year.

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