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Fun And Firm: Hyderabad Police’s Road Safety Online Classes Are Going Viral

Get over traditional preachy messages and posters as Hyderabad Traffic Police gets creative to spread awareness about road safety

Written By: Aastha Ahuja | Edited By: Sonia Bhaskar | May 01, 2018 11:38 AM | News

Fun And Firm: Hyderabad Police’s Road Safety Online Classes Are Going Viral

New Delhi: To drive home the message of road safety, Hyderabad Traffic Police has taken to social media. Breaking the stereotypical government department promotional strategies which are usually preachy and boring, Hyderabad Traffic Police has taken the route that is now going viral. From witty tweets, riddles to intriguing short videos, the department’s twitter handle has everything to make the road safety lessons engaging, fun and interesting. Here are some posts from Hyderabad Traffic Police twitter handle that are grabbing eye balls-

1. No Helmet: I Die Like Real Men: Saddened by the idea of not wearing a helmet and being proud of it, Hyderabad Traffic Police tweeted pictures of Mr Reddy who was driving without a helmet. A sticker on Mr Reddy’s bike’s mudguard read, “No helmet: I die like real men”. Concerned about Mr Reddy and many others, the police replied with a tweet, “We will see that U “LIVE LIKE REAL MEN”.

This particular tweet got retweeted 537 times, received 1569 likes and 183 comments.

2. Road Safety Lesson: Play And Learn: Making the road safety classes interesting and interactive, here is a riddle for all the drivers and non-drivers. Let’s see how good a rider you are.

3. Shoots It Before You Know It: This one is for those who prefer to not follow traffic rules, be it for the sake of their safety or to evade any kind of trouble. Through this post, Hyderabad Traffic Police states it clearly that they are devoted to their job and no matter what, they won’t let you violate any rule. Do it and get ready to face the consequences.

4. Stop At Red, Go At Green: Hyderabad Traffic Police does everything in style and they proved it yet again by giving a twist to a simple message of following traffic lights.

5. Love And Safety Go Hand In Hand: Last but not the least, hitting the right cord, this video gives out the message of ‘wear a helmet’, if not for yourself then for the loved ones.

Apart from sharing these witty and informative road messages, the handle shares other useful information like the movement of traffic and weather forecast. The good thing is, Hyderabad City has witnessed a decline in number of road accidents from 2535 in 2016 to 2367 in 2017. In 2016, the city recorded 405 deaths, 2552 injuries where as in 2017, 311 deaths and 2367 injuries were recorded.

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