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Mumbai Police Joins The ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’ Meme Bandwagon, Posts Hilarious Tweet On Road Safety Awareness

Mumbai Police goes with the trend (read meme) and spreads the message of road safety in a hilarious way

Edited By: Sonia Bhaskar | May 17, 2018 6:37 PM | News

Mumbai Police Joins The <i>‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’</i> Meme Bandwagon, Posts Hilarious Tweet On Road Safety Awareness

New Delhi: Mumbai Police is trending again and all for right reasons. Mumbai Police’s road safety awareness campaign on social media has always received its fare share of bouquets. And the latest post just vent viral and may be surpassed all the previous messages. The latest tweet that spreads the message of ‘wear a helmet’ using the trending meme ‘ghar se nikalte hi’ has been liked 38,000 times and has been retweeted 14,000 times. Mumbai police has been nailing its awareness campaign on social media since forever. From short videos to memes to smart, witty posts, the handle manages to draw attention, engage with the audience. And in the process completely does away with the traditional image of government department promotion- dull, boring and preachy.

Here are 6 posts from the Mumbai Police Twitter handle that caught our attention:

1. Clearly, Mumbai Police never misses a trend and take advantage of each and everything. A simple law of ‘wear helmet’ has been given a twist with the help of trending meme.

2. Here’s how a simple ‘why should you wear a helmet’ message is given thought provoking twist. Aimed to emotionally connect the audience with the road safety message, this post did it by making people think about their loved ones.

3. This one is for those who prefer to hop, skip and jump the red light. This post is irreverent and yet effectively makes a valid point.

4. Yes people, the rear view mirror in the car is there for a purpose. It is for your own safety, and what a nice way to get its purpose across to people, by drawing on lessons of life itself.

5. We may hate them for challan or try to defame their ilk by bribing our way out of a sticky situation, but this post makes you realise that we owe them for the thankless job they do come hail, rain or sunshine. And in today’s world the perils of the job include braving the ominous smog.

6. And we leave you with this last one, a video that underlines the thought pay attention to the job at hand as distraction can have disasterous consequences and on the road it can be fatal. Leave socialising for another time and place, when on the road keep your hands on the wheels, eyes on the road and focus on driving only.

The handle has over three million followers and apart from posting these creative road safety messages, it puts out useful tips and updates, but more importantly the handle also responds to user queries and complaints very promptly.

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