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Making Roads Safe: Big B Joins Hand With Mumbai Police For Road Safety

Amitabh Bachchan will be the face of road safety initiative and has voiced his support to the Mumbai traffic police and state transport so as he can help raise awareness about traffic rules in the city.

Edited By: Anisha Bhatia | December 11, 2017 1:17 PM | Road Safety Week

Making Roads Safe: Big B Joins Hand With Mumbai Police For Road Safety

Mumbai: Big B joins hands with Mumbai Traffic Police for a road safety initiative. At the inauguration of the 28th Road Safety Week in Mumbai on Monday, the actor said: “I want to offer my services to Mumbai Traffic Police. I’ve been saying this for many years that if my face and voice can sell Maggi noodles, why can’t I do something good for the city?”

In Numbers
According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Data, 2015, Mumbai in terms of road accidents accounts some 23,468 accidents. Data released by state transport department shows that of the total road accidents that occurred in Maharashtra in 2015, 36% took place in Mumbai alone.

Keeping these alarming figures in mind Big B decided to lend his support for road safety.

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Amitabh Bachchan Recounts His Personal Experiences Of Traffic Violations
“I often see that even if there is a red signal, people break the rule. If anybody does it in front of me, I wait until it becomes green, catch the car and try to convince him that he has done a wrong. They express regret, but ultimately they ask me for a selfie,” said Mr Bachchan.

“Besides, I have noticed that many times, the father is driving the car and the mother is sitting in front seat with her baby. It is very wrong. Children should not be seated in front seat. Unfortunately, if an accident occurs the child would be injured first,” added the star.

Child Restraints And Road Safety
According to the World Health Organisation law on road safety, children under a certain age or height should not sit in the front seat. 52 countries, representing 1.2 billion people, have a child restraint law that meets best practice but India does not meet the WHO standards on the child safety.

It is believed that child seats decreases the risk of death in a crash by about 70% for infants and up to 80% for small children but sadly in India parents don’t believe in the concept of child seats at all.

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Amitabh Bachchan’s Message For Road Safety
The actor also finds it irresponsible when people don’t use seat belts, he added, “I would request all to drive safely and don’t break traffic rules. A country can be evaluated by its traffic rules. Whenever I visit other countries, I watch their traffic rules and how much the people are disciplined regarding traffic. I want that the foreigners should also get an impression that we are a disciplined people.”

Mr Bachchan also praised Mumbai Traffic Police for their efforts on Road Safety on Twitter and said: “The control room of Traffic Police of Mumbai is a first in the country. Every car and street is being watched. Well done Mumbai Traffic Police!”

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