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Guwahati Celebrates India Road Safety Week

To make India roads safer and to spread the message of road safety, people of Guwahati came forward to pledge their support for the cause

Reported by Ratnadip Choudhury | January 16, 2017 6:16 AM | Road Safety Week

Guwahati: India road safety week is being observed across the country and as a part of the NDTV-United Spirits road to safety campaign, a road safety awareness event was organised today in Guwahati with the help of Guwahati City Police. The event was flagged off by the Guwahati City Police Commissioner, Hiren Chandra Nath. The idea of the event was to raise awareness about road safety and spread the message of Don’t Drink and Drive. A branded tow truck with a damaged car, travelled across the city spreading the message – #NeverDrinkAndDrive.

Guwahati is a growing city and there is huge pressure on traffic management with ever increasing number of vehicles, to manage this and reduce rush driving we have been constantly reaching out to people. We have taken special measures for stopping drunken driving cases and have been successful to some extend as well. The key to this is awareness among people and for this such kind of initiative is much needed said the Police Commissioner to NDTV.

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Guwahati Celebrates India Road Safety Week 1

Guwahati joins the #NeverDrinkAndDrive campaign during the Road Safety Week celebrations

Enumerating the challenges of traffic management in a fast growing city like Guwahati, Deputy Commissioner (Traffic) Amanjeet Kaur said,

During the Christmas and New Year celebration this time, there has been no major accident in Guwahati. This has been a success for traffic police given the fact that new traffic management strategies are being implemented.

Amanjeet Kaur is credited with changing the way traffic management is done in Guwahati and having met with some instant success. Her efforts are being appreciated across this city, which is known as the gateway to Northeast India.

During the event, volunteers also spread message of various safety measure. In various Traffic points, the volunteers gave red roses to bikers and motorists who were abiding by traffic rules as a token of appreciation. Posters and stickers having messages of not to drink and drive were also put on a thousand vehicle in the busy Guwahati-Shillong road.

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