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The thought behind the #MoreToGive campaign anthem is to ignite the nation’s conscience and encourage the youth to take the pledge to donate their organs. We want to make people realize that even after they have passed away, they still have ways to contribute to society; they can still save lives; they still have More To Give – all through the simple act of registering as organ donor.

India as a country has a celebrated and respected culture of giving. To put others’ needs in front of one’s own desires is something that is truly Indian. But this culture of giving is not carried over in the area of organ donation, not because of lack of intent, but because of lack of awareness and concern. With this anthem we aim to inspire the masses to take the pledge for donating their organs

There is need to awaken the conscience of Indians.

Lyricist and Singer: Swanand Kirkire
Music Composer: Sandesh Shandilya

Play Now: #MoreToGive Anthem