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Tell Us What’s on Your #NotMyType List

High Heels or Climbing Shoes? Morning Run or Late Night Fun? What do you choose? What is your type?

If an unhealthy lifestyle is not your type, then come join in and share your #NotMyType videos & pictures using the form here below:-

In today’s day and age, Diabetes is catching up fast and catching up young. Type 2 diabetes is directly linked to lifestyle related issues. Today’s generation is falling prey to a sedentary lifestyle devoid of physical activities. Video games are taking over evening play time; the internet occupies us more than a daily workout and to top that we have increased alcohol consumption among youth. This makes us more prone to Diabetes than ever.

Making difficult yet simple choices in diet and lifestyle can go a long way in preventing Type 2 diabetes. It also makes life simpler for people living with diabetes.


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