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Share a story of someone you know or your own story of battling cancer. Your story of courage, hope and love could inspire others around the world.


Anjali Patel from Canada – I am writing this in memory of my mother who had breast cancer. Although she is no more with us and lost her life after strong struggle with this disease but I can still feel her pain during the entire treatment and I pray from bottom of my heart for all cancer survivors who were lucky to escape this dreadful disease and for those who are still struggling.

Be strong and keep your will power very strong and keep the desire to live your life because if you have will power and desire to live then god will help you. I wish I can bring my mom back but I can’t and will pray that there is a treatment for this disease which will give people a hope to live. My mom was a strong lady and she had will to live and because of that she survived and fought her disease for almost 2.5 years. I can still feel my mom and I know she is watching me from somewhere. I wish all the best to everyone and to be strong!

Gopal Nivargi from Pune: Cancer taught me and my family to be brave and on our own! When I was detected with CA Larynx in 2006 it was a huge shock for me, my wife and our only son.

But they stood by me, specially my son who took extremely good care and was looking at my medication and treatment like his life was dependent on it. My special thanks to my doctor, to me he is like a god, Sumit Basu from Ruby hall clinic. Today I’m healthy and spending my life like any other person.

Haja Mydheen from Qatar – One of my well-wisher named Banu fell down when climbing the ladder and she got hit in her head. She went to the doctor for the treatment and they found starting stages of Brain tumor.

At the starting stages, after hearing this, she was very upset and lost her hope. But after her family’s support and blessing of the almighty, she recovered from brain tumour after undergoing a major operation. After operation, she fainted once and she got admitted again at the hospital for 10 days. In addition to that, she lost her 15 years daughter suddenly and even after that she is fine and living a peaceful life. This shows her courage and guts to face the situation.

Brij Bala Sharma from Mumbai – This story is for my MOM! Cancer is not a disease that a person suffers but the disease that a whole family suffers. The uncertainty of survival, the huge amounts of money spent, the care, love and support of the family, it demands all.

An year back my mother was diagnosed with cancer and hell broke out. My dad being a practical man lost his control and for the first time I saw him cry. Me and my sister felt bad that we were girls and married, therefore could not take care of her properly. I saw my dad’s constant love and support for my mother, when her breast was removed surgically, when she lost her hair in chemotherapy. He prepared fresh meals for her and consoled her through this gruesome treatment. With my father by her side, she fought and in the end won. After an year she has fully recovered and now lead an healthy and hearty life.

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