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Cardiac Expert Dr. Sandip K Rane Answers Your Queries


Dr. Sandip K Rane, Director Cardiology, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, Mumbai

User Query by Yashu Khetarpal: I would like to know how can we come to know that we have a heart problem? I am 31 years old, we have family history of heart problem, my father and grandfather expired because of a heart attack. For last one week, I’ve been feeling a bit of pain in my heart and had pain in left hand. I do not know if it is heart problem or some other problem, very confused and getting scared. Please suggest me what should I do.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  Kindly consult a Nearest Cardiologist who can further guide you for some Medical investigations

User Query by Manu: Are alternative treatments for arteries blockages like EECP and ACT more effective in comparison to bypass surgery or angioplasty?

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  Yes, optimal medical management will be the next option.

User Query by Srikanth Mahavadi: I ‘m 35 years old and keep fit by regular exercise (6 times a week). For few months now, I have been slight discomfort on my chest (which lasts only a second). Once I breathe heavily do not feel the discomfort. I have reflux problem. Also ECG was done and had no issues. So what is my issue?

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  We have to first review 2D Echo it can follow with Angiography.

User Query by Vinod Bhatia: I am 46 years old faced with a minor heart attack one and half year back and was treated by angioplasty. I have been taking the prescribed medicines on a regular basis. But I’ve been facing pains between chest and beginning of stomach area. Is it related to my heart? Kindly help in eliminating this problem.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  It may be related to your heart, kindly look for a cardiac consultation, with full review of the problem.

User Query by Rohan Bajpeyi: My mother had an angioplasty a month ago at Fortis, Delhi because of single vessel disease. Now she is complaining of light pain where the angioplasty was done and also she has some gas related problems and cough problem. Can u please reply why this is happening?

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  Here we have to review angiography again to check whether the same artery is having the block. After this review we can came to some conclusion.

User Query by Tapas Chatterjee: Dear Doctor, I am 50 year old and have undergone 2 bypass surgeries in January 2011 and June 2011 respectively. Currently I am having no problems. What are the precautions I need to absolutely take to ensure that my lipid profile stays in the desired level. I am asking this question as my LDL and tryglyceride level still stay marginally above the desired levels in spite of medicines and avoiding oily and fatty food.
Other Relevant Medical Info: I have hypothyroid problems since much younger age for which I take medication

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  You must have regular follow up with your cardiologists, and continue the medication that has been provided

User Query by Mani Sood: My query is regarding lypona. My dad got by-pass surgery done in 2002 and lypona at the back was very less. Now it is increasing. Please suggest treatment for that.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  I think you are talking about Lypoma, if so you need to consult with a general surgeon on urgent basis.

User Query by Ulhas Bharambe: My age is 60, I have no health problem except acidity. I walk approx 8 km everyday .My cholesterol level is 199, triglycerides 182, HDL cholesterol45, LDL 114 very low density lipoprotein 36.4. I don’t have any ongoing medication course. Kindly prescribe precautionary life style, medical treatment, diet etc for restoration of normalcy.
Other Relevant Medical Info: Height -169 cm , Weight 60 kg, no medicine course undergoing.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  You are advised to have a strict fat restricted diet. Please consult a dietician for the same. Continue regular walk, but ensure it is a brisk walk, and occasionally medication may be required. Consult an internal medicine doctor for the same.

User Query by Shashikant Mohite: At age 32 my left kidney was operated removed calcium oxlate stone. Thereafter I have been suffering from high BP. I check up the same Cardiologist said that i have been suffering from cardiomypathy. I am regularly taking medicine bp is normal. My pulse is 50 to 60. I get tired when i walk on steep roads but not on the plain surface. Some time get suffocation but as soon as the gas passes away I get relief. Now I take atenex 25mg, rehase h 25mg,nicardia 20 mg, sorbitrate 10mg  Please guide me.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  You need a regular follow up with a cardiologist.

User Query by Shankar Gowdar: I am obese and suffering from regular chest pain, more in the left chest since from 2009 and which is increasing day by day. I’m diagnosed with cervicle & lumbar spondylysis, GERD, Lax cardia with peptic esophagitis, acute biliary gastritis, dueodenitis. 2 tmt done during 2009 & 2012 both r negative; 2d echo done in june11, nov 12, Dec 13 & Aug 14 all r shown normal chambers, good LV systolic function , No RWMA & No clots/VEG/PE/PAH with EF ranged from 68 to 70%. Further, during January 2014 xray revealed bronchytis with cardiomegaly. Several ECGs done and 2 Echo’s but all r normal Dr. is saying consult arthopedician. I am much worried on these things. Please advise me for further treatment.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  At the start you have mentioned you are obese. We need to know how much obese exactly you are. Many of your complaints may be related to obesity. A bariatric surgeon consultation is recommended.

User Query by Govind Singh:
1. Can the blockage be removed by medicine alone? If yes how much time is required?

2. What are the alternatives to interventional treatment / bypass surgery?  Do we really prevent heart attack by CABG/PCI?

3. Will a coronary blockage necessarily cause a heart attack?

Other Relevant Medical Info: The questions emerge from various studies available on the internet suggesting bypass surgery and angioplasty does not prevent heart attacks.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  1. Depends on the percentage of the blockage.

2. These two are the only lifesaving procedures, if the situation is emergency.

3. Yes. For preventing heart attack CABG/ PCI is recommended.

4. Depends on the location of the blockage, and on natural colateral.

User Query by Munish Dutt Bakshi: I am 53 year old male and had egina pain on Feb 14. After angiography at PGI Chandigarh, doctor put 2 stents in LAD AND LCX and my mid RCA was 100% blocked. Then again on August 14, they tried to open it by angioplasty but failed. They remark it as OMT. Now I’m not feeling good and there is weakness, palpitation and sometimes pain in lower side of heart. I want to ask you about the options left for me.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  We have to review angiography again. In this case Open Heart Surgery or Optimal Medical Management & EECP will be the next option.

User Query by Ashwani Mahajan: I had a heart surgery in December 2013 and I was asked for second stent for 70% block. But 9 months after, I went for echo test and it shows block at 45%. But still my tmt test is positive. Doctors say that I do not need another operation but I need to continue my present regimen. Any advise and precautions in this regard?

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  Need to conduct Angiography to review the possibilities; you also need some lifestyle modification.

User Query by Harshit Yadav: My mother is 60 years old and is suffering from Diabities, fluctuated b.p. and cad. She is taking medicine properly. So how can do better for her for better life.
Other Relevant Medical Info: Also facing Catract

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  She’ll require good control of BP , blood sugar & Cholesterol level along with lifestyle modification.

User Query by Ramesh Khiantani: I normally have my angio done a year after putting in stents but this time when I told my doctor my creatine levels were a bit high(1.30) he said, let’s wait and have a stress test done before. I am a diabetic also. Is this normal?
Other Relevant Medical Info: Yes diabetic and my HB1C level at present about 7

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  Your doctor advised correct. High levels of creatinine are contra indicated for PCI. First we need to do an nephro opinion and fitness from nephrology. Once nephrologist says ok you can go ahead with the PCI.

User Query by Manas Nandi: For a cardiac patient of 82 years with partly blockage of valve who is on medication for the last 20 years and maintains regular exercise (and walking) along with controlled diet, whether Dates, Almonds, Walnuts are OK to eat. Above gentleman is my father.

Dr. Sandip K Rane’s Answer:  Yes, It’s completely fine.

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  1. My BP measures differently at different hands. My right hand always have high BP (140 – 75) where as left hand measures 124 – 70.
    What is your advise?

  2. Chestpain tmt echo ecg normal?