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Cancerthon Donation: Frequent Asked Questions

1. What is Indian Cancer Society (ICS)?

Indian Cancer Society is a not-for-profit Community based Health Society dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major health challenge. ICS seeks to be a Beacon of Hope in the fight against Cancer. It is manned by volunteers supported by a small core of professionals, working to:

  • Create awareness that Cancer is preventable and curable
  • Facilitate early detection of cancer
  • Offer emotional support and medical aid to cancer patients
  • Establish and encourage cancer survivorship programmes
  • Reintegrate cancer survivors back into society
  • Facilitate advocacy and research against cancer

2. Do you get financial support from the government? Do you get support other than financial from the government?

No. ICS gets no financial support from the Government. However ICS in Mumbai has leased land for its activities in Mumbai. In Delhi, ICS Cancer Detection Centre operates out of a small building owned by New Delhi Municipal Corporation.

3. Is there price subsidy available to Indian Cancer Society?

No. However, on its part ICS offers Cancer screening at significantly subsidised rates to underprivileged sections of society. This is funded by donations received by ICS. We also offer free or subsidized Cancer awareness initiatives. So far as this campaign is concerned, we have requested subsidized charges (bed/surgery/radiation) for patients from empanelled hospitals.

4. Indian Cancer Society’s role in the campaign?

ICS is Knowledge & Admin (Implementation) partner for the NDTV Fortis Health4U Cancerthon. ICS has proven credentials in raising funds & disbursing them to deserving patients across the country with due diligence. This has been recognized by donors and corporates.

5. What are we raising funds for/ How will my donation be used?

The Cancerthon is raising money for treatment of children with cancer. The children for treatment will be referred to ICS by NGOs/Hospitals in several cities, & monitored by an ICS Due-Diligence Team in Delhi drawing on its expertise developed over years in its existing ICS HDFC Cancer Cure Fund. Your Donation will go towards treatment of individual children through empanelled Hospitals against Direct Billing for treatment by Hospitals.

6. How does Indian Cancer Society execute/implement this?

ICS has chosen good Hospitals & Pediatric Oncologists in 5 cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai & Kolkata. In addition to these, the campaign partner, Fortis Hospitals has chosen a few of its hospitals in other cities. Each Hospital will select child patients in need, and recommend them to a Due-Diligence team (DDT) in Mumbai who are experienced in the area. The final recommendation comes to Delhi with a DDT comprising representatives from ICS & Fortis. Money is sanctioned to individual cases through their Hospitals – The Hospitals monitor & report progress & utilization, which is then uploaded for viewing by Donors on the web-page.

7. How are the beneficiaries selected? What are the criteria?

Beneficiaries are selected in designated Hospitals. Children may apply from anywhere but they will be funneled to centres & hospitals; the DDT in Mumbai & finally in Delhi. The process is expected to take 2-3 weeks. Criteria include age of the child, prognosis, continuation of treatment, guarantee by parent, amount of support by Hospital/Oncologist.

8. How much of My Donation reaches Indian Cancer Society?

Your entire donation less nominal transfer charges as levied by service provider reaches ICS.

9. Who & How to contact in Indian Cancer Society directly?

Please contact:

  • Project-in-charge ICS at incansoc3_cancer@yahoo.co.in Mrs. Jyotsna Govil – 98 118 27549 (time: 0900-1800 hours)
  • Dr. Mrs. Priya Parmar – 99 991 03457 (time 0900-1800 hours)

10. How long does it take for my donation to reach Indian Cancer Society?

Up to 2/3 days if it is via bank transfer or by Cheque/DD. Donations made by credit card will be credited directly to our account

11. When do the funds reach the beneficiaries?

ICS endeavor is for Funds to reach beneficiaries in 3 weeks at most.

12. How can I contribute?

By adopting a child’s treatment cost or contributing a donation which goes towards the child’s treatmen.

13. Can I volunteer for this campaign with Indian Cancer Society? If so how?

Yes, you can volunteer to help. Since this campaign is directed at providing treatment cost for children with cancer, please find Donors with deep pockets & large hearts. The number of children requiring assistance is huge, and the scope of the telethon can only reach a fortunate few. Cancer treatment is long drawn. You can recommend deserving children. You can find Donors. You can help by supporting Parents with information & share their worries.

14. I want to donate to a particular case? Can I do so? If yes, how? If no, what are my other options?

All cases will be assessed by Due-Dilgence Teams in Zones & Centre. You can certainly make your recommendations, especially where you are prepared to bear full cost of treatment (Please get in touch with us at cancerthon@ndtv.com for this). Please remember that all Donations MUST come through the Cancerthon Fund to avail the tax exemption.

15. What is the cost to help 1 case?

Costs vary from case to case, depending on the treatment required. On an average it can range between Rs. 4lac – Rs. 12lac per case.

16. What is the minimum and maximum that I can contribute?

There are no limits, but we recommend a USD 50 for foreign donors, as minimum to reduce payments per transaction to the service provider. If contributing in Indian Rupee, it is Rs. 500. You can not avail tax exemption on amounts below Rs. 250.

 17. Is my donation tax exempt? Under which section?

Yes, your Donation is tax exempt under Section 80G of the IT Act.

18. By when will I receive my 80G?

Your tax exemption certificate is part of your official receipt. It will be sent as soon as possible.

19. How do I track the details of my Donations?

All details of Donations are tracked on the web page created for the purpose, or you can get in touch with the Contact person for details; or send your query through the web page.

20. I have made a donation, will I receive regular updates?

Please check the web page for details

21. Is it Safe to donate online?

Yes it is safe to donate on-line or through bank transfer.

22. Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes. It will be kept confidential. Your personal details are required only because the tax authority has made it mandatory.

23. Who can I contact in case of any further queries?

You can email us at cancerthon@ndtv.com


Please contact Indian Cancer Society, Delhi at 86/1 Shahpur Jat, New Delhi 110 049. Tel: 011 26499572/011-26494907

Email: incansoc3_cancer@yahoo.co.in Please contact Indian Cancer Society, Delhi at 86/1 ShahpurJat, New Delhi 110 049. Tel: 011 26499572/011-26494907

Email: incansoc3_cancer@yahoo.co.in Mrs. Jyotsna Govil – 98 118 27549 (time: 0900- 1800 hours) Mrs. Priya Parmar – 99 991 03457 (time: 0900-1800 hours)

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