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India is undergoing an epidemiologic, demographic and health transition. The expectancy of life has increased, with consequent rise in degenerative diseases of aging and lifestyles.

The degenerative factors that the Indian Council for Medical Research refers to in her quote above are non-communicable diseases – cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. To statistically explain the situation:

  1. 630 lakh Indians are diabetes; 770 lakh pre-diabetic.
  2. 140 lakh rural Indians and 160 lakh urban Indians suffer from heart diseases, that account for 29% deaths in India.
  3. 10 lakh Indians get cancer every year; 5 lakh Indians succumb to cancer every year.

For one of the world’s youngest nations, this is a grim portrait, ironical as awareness and adjustments in lifestyle can win much of the battle. Awareness building is the guiding principle of the ongoing nationwide health awareness campaign Health4U, by media leader NDTV and healthcare giant Fortis.

We are in the cancer awareness phase of the media campaign. Like the earlier phases, this too ropes in the civil society – school children.

Because you can, light up the lives of children and young adults battling cancer.

Encourage your child to donate books, board games, stationery, desktops/laptops/tablets, and clothes.

Get your school, club or community to sign up for bulk collections. #BecauseYouCan

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