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What’s Your Choice: Special Edition

Through this final episode of What’s Your Choice for this season we thank you very, very much for all your wonderful support, your encouraging comments and your determination to fight with us against social evils by intervening. This show has made it clear, when anyone asks an ordinary Indian – What’s Your Choice – you’ve answered categorically – step in and do something, act – do not turn away and say this is none of my business.


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Social Experiments By Citizens

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  1. With utter respect Mr Prannoy roy, i watched the programme aired yesterday mar 22nd 2015 about color discrimination in our country. Wonderful programme, i am not sure if it was aired for the 1st time but i hope it will not the last. I watch similar kind of programmes on YouTube channels but was happy to see it on NDTV. But i have something to say about last night’s episode, its nothing about the programme but what was in the news. 3 DALIT girls were murdered in UP. My question is why do you have to mention the word DALIT??? would you have done something different if the girls were of an UPPER CASTE community??? will the investigation be in any way differently done if they were muslims or christians or any other caste or religion sir????

  2. Well done.thanks to changed mind to all viewer by this show.

  3. Appreciate the initiative taken by NDTV but find it so ironical to see all the commercials inbetween the show including the main sponsor Officers Choice all the models in the advertisements are fair and not a single dark skinned model is shown.
    NDTV should first not air advertisements unless there is a fair balance of fair and dark skinned models!
    Lets see if NDTV can take a stand against its own sponsors who are practicing the same racial profiling as they are fighting against.
    Practice what you preach.

  4. The program “What is your choice” is currently my best show in TV. NDTV is taking a very good step in raising awareness against evil in society. The topic on “Color discrimination” has touched me as I am too a girl and have a cousin of mine who is dark in color. She is just eight years old and studies in second standard. She gets hurt when her schoolmates make fun of her color and physique. She comes home with a heavy heart and questions her mother of her color. Her mother tries to console her but the truth is society will never change if the people do not change from within. Even the small ones should be taught by their parents and teachers at school. Though I am fair in color I really feel disgusted the way some react towards dusky skinned people. I never think of dark people that way then why do they behave with my cousin and to those dark skin in that particular way?
    Another problem of such people is “caste”. Please have a discussion on this topic and help those to raise their voices who are victims of such cases. Hope my message works.
    Thank you

  5. i have seen your programme on color discrimation only you can do it with lots of courage,as yu knw sir in so many companies they advertise that require a female candidate with pleasent personality should be fair n beautiful,,,s sir raise your voice against this also ,,keep carrying on sir n Mr.Ravish salute you for this programme…coz from last 18 years i follow your all the programmes n yours anchors n conratts to all of you for the valuable prgrammes.