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The character of a nation is often measured by how much each person cares for a fellow citizen. If you see someone in distress, suffering, being bullied or molested – reaching out, do you step out of your comfort zone and help.

We have heard of many cases in which an accident victim, bleeding, lying on the side of the road, reaches out – but nobody stops. Or stories of when a woman is being teased or molested even in a crowded area, nobody intervenes to save the girl.

But bad news, like these examples, tend to hit the headlines, while good news, like when an ordinary Indian does make a choice to intervene, goes unreported. What’s the truth about India? The question we try and answer in this series is – how much does India care? What’s your choice?

The aim of this series of programmes is simply to find out – Does India care? And if so, who cares? And in the final analysis, we will have succeeded if at then end of each show each one of us asks ourselves: Do I care – and do I care enough?

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  1. Awesome….u got the sundays bulls eye gr8 work by the team on the issue of elders

  2. I love this program. I m totaly against VIP CULTURE.

  3. I would like to watch ndtv rather than any saas bahu telecasting channel

  4. Hello Pranab and Ravish,

    I watched the video on domestic violence and child labor. My observation is that people generally intervene when they see something is seriously wrong however if the child was not abused then they would not intervene. Most of the intervention are on the spot and people would say ” do whatever you want when you go home and do not do this in public?”, this was specially true with women in small town that has certain level of tolerance for it. There were rare signs of people actually helping the victim and more signs of stopping the aggression for the moment. This was specially clear on their comment after they are revealed that they are on TV which suggests lack of awareness on the course of action.

    I wanted to give couple of suggestions:
    a) While you applaud their intervention, it would be good to point out in the program this it is not sufficient.
    b) As we are playing these social experiments on TV and we have the eyeballs, if we conclude it with 2 minutes short tips on how they can help the victim e.g. actual name of some NGOs, where to look for information (perhaps a page on your site), actual info on the law and punishment, how to get the information from the victim, , how to contact the police anonymously.

    This is a wonderful series you are playing and I applaud your program on social issues. I hope this continues and your channel lead a trend of new wave of reality TV that actually helps building the awareness, bring fear to perpetrator who are watching it by understanding the consequences..
    Finally this could be good for the business as well because you can engage brands that take social responsibility seriously and may even have a budget as well specially in the age of starbucks success. The trick is to do this subtlety like google where the AD is not on your face therefore the content is not diluted and the length of the program is short enough to keep the attention span of the viewers..

    Thanks again for doing this, I am truly appreciate you taking social outreach seriously.

    Manish Bansal
    Boston, US.

  5. Path breaking initiative by NDTV.
    Since last few decades there have been ample instances of Domestic Violence by wife on there husband. Sadly these goes unreported as there is no law to protect them.
    Time has arrived to highlight these and create a sustainable society.
    Other wise there would not be any “Bharat Nirman”