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School Children In Karnataka To Get A Hands-On, Practical Approach Learning On Road Safety From 2019

Along with theoretical knowledge, school students in Karnataka will be given practical sessions on how to prevent road accidents and engage in safe driving

Written By: Gopi Karelia | Edited By: Sonia Bhaskar | February 05, 2018 6:18 AM | News

School Children In Karnataka To Get A Hands-On, Practical Approach Learning On Road Safety From 2019

New Delhi: Considering that road accidents is are the ninth leading cause of deaths in India, the Karnataka Transport Department in collaboration with state’s Primary and Secondary Education Ministry has rolled out a new rule of making road safety lessons compulsory in educational institutions. From next academic year, textbooks distributed in government aided and unaided schools will have chapters along with activities to be undertaken during school hours. As per the new rule, along with theory, schools will also have to impart practical knowledge once every week.

Talking to NDTV, B Dayananda, Commissioner for Transport and Road Safety, Karnataka says,

As far as theoretical knowledge is concerned, most of the state schools already have a chapter dedicated to road sensibilities. But once students pass out they hardly remember any of it and end up engaging in reckless driving. Hence this new activity-based rule will clear the concepts of road safety and traffic discipline. By performing the dos and don’ts of road safety, it will become like any other habit by the time they turn 18.

Every once a week, children will be given an outside of the class experience. Teachers will have to ensure that the students are exposed to traffic signs by taking them on junctions with heavy traffic. Students will also get chance to be a part of personal sessions with the traffic police department officials.

It is only after knowing the nitty-gritties of how traffic is managed on a daily basis and listening to road accident cases will the future drivers of India fully incorporate road sensibilities, says Mr Dayananda.

A few days back, D Roopa, IGP and Additional Commandant General had welcomed the new move and said that children must be given practical experience on road traffic issues. She also suggested that students should become traffic controller in role-plays in school.

Institute of Road Traffic Education, New Delhi will impart special training classes to Karnataka school teachers. “Teachers will undergo capacity building training on road safety in the coming months so that they can pass down correct information and knowledge to the students,” adds Mr Dayananda.

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