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Rise In Road Accidents During International Events Has Delhi Police Worried, Prompts Them To Launch A Study

The presence of a large number of traffic policemen at a particular place during an event makes other places vulnerable, as witnessed in a spate of accidents in Delhi in March 2018

Written By: Saptarshi Dutta | Edited By: Sonia Bhaskar | April 03, 2018 10:25 AM | News

Rise In Road Accidents During International Events Has Delhi Police Worried, Prompts Them To Launch A Study
  • 20 accidents were reported between March 10 and 12 in Delhi
  • Delhi traffic police is studying the cause of more accidents during events
  • Such events see majority of the traffic police force restricted to one area

New Delhi: Given Delhi’s status as national capital of India, the city is rife with numerous events across the calendar year. Some of these events of international importance attract guests from all over the world, but a concern for Delhi Police has been the rising cases of accidents during such events. Between March 10 and 12, over 20 cases of accidents were reported around the city. A majority of Delhi’s 5,000 strong traffic police force was present for the International Solar Alliance Summit in areas around South Delhi. With dignitaries from over 23 countries present during the event, the accidents caused concern among Delhi Traffic Police, who have now taken it upon themselves to find out why the number of accidents in the national capital keeps rising every time such an event is held.

Road accidents in Delhi in 2016 recorded the highest number of deaths in any city in India. Of 7,375 accidents in Delhi in 2016, 1,591 lives were lost. Over speeding, drunk driving and disregard for traffic rules are problems the department of traffic has had to deal with for years. Following the high number of accidents in March this year, the Delhi traffic police have decided to study the reasons behind the abnormally high number of accidents during international events of importance. The primary objective of the study will be to figure out whether shifting traffic personnel from their designated place of duty disrupted traffic balance in the city and caused accidents.

We were all alarmed by the number of traffic accidents which took place within the span of two days. Though we are yet to find out a concrete reason, we are trying to locate if there is a specific pattern for accidents during such events or conferences. If we can find a pattern, we will work on it to reduce the number of accidents that take place whenever such events are held in Delhi, said Garima Bhatnagar, Joint Commissioner of Delhi Traffic Police.

Speaking to NDTV, Rohit Khanna from Institute of Road Traffic Education said that such instances are not uncommon in places where there is a sudden imbalance in the number of traffic personnel. Places which are prone to congestion and unruly driving may see an increase in number of accidents when personnel are shifted from duty. During such instances, traffic departments across the world use reserve personnel, said Mr Khanna.

In European countries, if a particular event demands the presence of more than usual traffic policemen, reserves are called out to manage traffic in roads and intersections on such days. Delhi can emulate that model too to curb down road accidents during special events, given how frequently they are hosted in Delhi, said Rohit Khanna, Director, College of Traffic Management, Institute of Road Traffic Education.

Over 1.5 lakh people lose their lives annually in road accidents in India and poor traffic management, Adding the problem.are over-stressed traffic policemen. In December 2017, a health camp organised at the Delhi Traffic Police headquarters reported that 20 per cent of the attendees suffered from hypertension due to their workload. International events add to the stress and duties round the clock can result in poor traffic management, resulting in accidents. If the Delhi Traffic Police’s study finds the need for reserve policemen to manage traffic during such occasions, their implementation is a must to reduce the rising number of road accidents in the national capital.

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With inputs from PTI

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