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Inspire India To Be Safe On Roads By Becoming Road Safety Campaign Ambassador: Nitin Gadkari To Sachin Tendulkar

After Sachin Tendulkar’s letter requesting the road and transport ministry to take actions against low-cost helmet makers, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari replied that the ministry will do its best to make India’s roads safer

Written By: Anisha Bhatia | March 27, 2018 11:32 AM | News

Inspire India To Be Safe On Roads By Becoming Road Safety Campaign Ambassador: Nitin Gadkari To Sachin Tendulkar
  • Nitin Gadkari requested Sachin Tendulkar to become road safety ambassador
  • The request came as a reply to Sachin Tendulkar’s letter
  • Sachin’s letter asked for strict actions against low-cost helmet makers

New Delhi: Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has requested Cricket-icon Sachin Tendulkar to become the brand ambassador for India’s road safety campaign and inspire people to be safe on roads by adhering to traffic rules. The announcement came soon after Sachin Tendulkar’s letter to transport minister asking for action against manufacturers of low-quality helmets. In a letter, Sachin said given the high rate of accidents involving two-wheeler drivers, it is important that safety equipment for them is of the highest quality. Sachin’s letter also asked the ministry for lowering prices of good quality helmets so that riders do not seek cheaper options and called for a large-scale awareness drives in order to educate people about the importance of using quality safety gear.

Assuring Sachin Tendulkar that all these steps will be taken by the ministry, Minister Nitin Gadkari replied,

As you had indicated in your letter earlier, it is an undenying fact that the road safety is matter of serious concern for all of us. In road accidents, almost one and a half lakh people lose their lives every year despite various road safety improvement programmes. The road traffic injuries leading to deaths, disabilities and subsequent hospitalisation causing severe socio-economic costs, still remain a cause of grave concern in our country.

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The letter also urged Sachin to become a part of the road safety campaign,

Sachin Tendulkar’s presence in road safety advocacy programmes, at his convenience, would go a long way in creating a social movement and awareness on road safety.

This is not the first time Sachin Tendulkar has come forward and voiced his opinion on how to make India’s roads safer. Last year, he was seen urging people to put on helmets as they ride a scooter or a two-wheeler on roads.

He tweeted a video and wrote, “Rider or pillion, both lives matter equally. Please, please make wearing helmets a habit. Just my opinion 🙂 #HelmetDaalo2.0 #RoadSafety.”

View His Post Here

According to the numbers released by the road and transport ministry, as many as 1.46 lakh people lost their lives in 4.60 lakh road accidents across the country in 2017. And the majority of these road accidents involved two-wheelers where the victims were not wearing helmets.

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