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Beware: These Are The Top 10 Accident-Prone Spots In Delhi

Delhi roads are unsafe and there is no doubt about it! On an average, Delhi records five road accident deaths per day – four of these are of pedestrians and two-wheeler riders

Written By: Anisha Bhatia | December 11, 2017 12:59 PM | Features

Beware: These Are The Top 10 Accident-Prone Spots In Delhi
Delhi has among the poorest track records in the country when it comes to road safety. Data revealed by the Delhi Traffic Police shows that on an average, five people die in road accidents in the city every day. A road safety audit report by the Centre for Science and Environment showed that that every week one car rider and two cyclists die in Delhi.

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In Numbers: Killer Roads Of Delhi

In 2015, Delhi recorded 1,582 fatal accidents that led to the death of 1,622 people. The following year was almost as bad with 1,548 fatal accidents and 1,591 deaths.

2017 too began on a gruesome note with figures showing that from January 1 to January 24 there have already been 69 fatal accidents and 70 deaths.

In an effort to find an effective solution, the Delhi Traffic Police identifies and releases a list of ‘Black Spots’ or accident prone areas in the city, every year.

What Are Black Spots?
Black spots are the locations or spots on roads where more than three fatal or more than ten non-fatal accidents have taken place in a year.

“We have chalked out a plan to treat accident-prone areas or ‘black spots’ all over Delhi in order to make roads safe here. We have listed out top ten major spots and have given our suggestions to the local bodies of Delhi so as they can immediately fix those area,’ says Ajay Kashyap, Special Commissioner of Traffic, Delhi Police.

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Till now around 800 blackspots have already been identified across India and the government has released a sum of Rs 500 crore to rectify them. Here is a look at the top ten deadliest spots of Delhi:

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