Then And Now: How Indian Real Estate Has Changed Over The Years

The Indian residential real estate market has been going through a churning process for past few years and as mentioned in our age old mythological scriptures, such an amrit-manthan did bring out the nectar! The world is changing real fast and the technological advancements have brought about monumental changes in the way we conduct business

Why New-Age Property eAuctions Make A Lot Of Sense For Homebuyers

The word auction evokes images of hyper-expensive fine art being sold for staggering sums to the highest bidders, with the media in frenzied attendance to chronicle the process every step of the way. Real estate auctions, on the other hand, have in the past been associated with distressed properties being put on the block sales

Why Are Indian Developers Building Moghul And Disney-Themed Houses?

Growing competition and rising aspiration has led to more sophisticated real estate development in India. With increased globalization, Indian consumers are rapidly being exposed to global standards and desire to live a luxurious life. This is acting as a cue for developers to develop classier projects. Enviable location, spacious living spaces and pleasing architectural design

Yes, There Is A Solution To Mumbai’s Pothole Menace

Santa Cruz to Delhi : 1 hr 45 min Santa Cruz to Borivali : 2 hrs The above may raise eyeballs for many but for a Mumbaikar commuting on this 16 km stretch on the 8-lane Mumbai-Delhi National Highway, the above is now an everyday story. Traffic is a global problem but in terms of