BMC Logs in to Facebook

Agency Uses Social Media to Connect With Citizens The age of social media has given rise to new breed of armchair thinkers. These are people who constantly use social media to voice their opinions and concerns on various issues. But rarely do we see the outrage or concerns expressed on social media bringing some change

No Place to Call Home: LGBT Community Faces Discrimination from Home Owners

Mumbai can be a tough place to find a home in. If the sky-high prices weren’t bad enough, you could also be discriminated against you based on what you eat, your religion and even your marital status. But if you think you have it bad, spare a thought for members of the LGBT community who

Why Perumbakkam in Chennai is Attracting Young Home Buyers

Perumbakkam near Chennai’s IT corridor has become the preferred residential destination for young home seekers. Roads and public transport has improved in Perumbakkam over the years and housing prices here are relatively affordable. From Chennai’s busy Sholinganallur on the IT Corridor, Assistant Professor Bon Hoffer will soon move to his newly bought flat in the

What Makes Mumbai’s Taloja Property Market Exciting

It is not a good time to be a home buyer in Mumbai. Crushing property prices keep homes out of the common man, leaving people with no option but to look for properties on the outskirts of the city. The Shrivastavas are a classic example of this, having stayed in rented homes in Mumbai over