Bangalore: Govt’s New Policy to Fix Infrastructure

India’s IT hub is yearning for a fix of basic infrastructure and amenities. Karnataka government has now come up with a policy called ‘Tender SURE’, a PPP scheme aiming to provide Bangaloreans what they need the most. Lakshmi Sivadas reports.

Foreign Investors Ready to Come Back to India?

DTZ’s Global CEO speaks to Vasudha Sharma on whether India’s growth story is getting back on track and what lies ahead for country’s real estate sector.

How are Developers Raising Funds for Real Estate Projects?

Nikhil Sivadas stumbles upon a new term ‘commercial mortgage backed securities’ in the market. He tries to find out how this is becoming a new route for Indian real estate developers to raise funds.

Poor Sales Force Job Cuts in Realty Sector

While developers expect a pick-up in demand, looks like the on- ground situation will take some more time to produce results. As a result, realty companies are being forced to look at all options including layoffs to reduce costs and manage finances. Oineetom Ojah brings this story.