Who Will Deliver 6 Crore Affordable Homes?

Finance Minister announced building of 6 crore homes in his budget speech but no clarity on policy or roadmap has come from the government so far. India will require 11 crore homes by 2022 which will require an unprecedented pace of building 35000 homes every day. We ask the panelists if India’s ‘Housing for All’

Mumbai’s Emerging Trend: Walk to Work projects

Everybody loves to stay a stone’s throw away from their office and developers are marketing their projects based on this very demand. But does getting a home close to your workplace work to your advantage in the long run? Ankita Sinha brings you this full report.

Builder Buyer Agreement is Not the Final Word: NCDRC

National Consumer Commission passes order for higher compensation for property buyers in a delayed project ruling that builder buyer contract is not sacrosanct anymore. Vasudha Sharma reports on this path breaking judgment.

Selling a Home in Slow Realty Market

In our expert segment we bring you some tips to ensure your property moves faster than others.