Bangalore’s Latest Fetish for Branded Homes

Bengaluru makes a new lifestyle statement as private branded residences become the new investment avenue in real estate. Lakshmi Sivadas shares this story.

Tamil Nadu Makes Solar Panels Mandatory

Ramamurthy, an 85 year old resident of Mandaveli in Chennai is reaping in the rewards of a decision he took back in 2011. He had powered his 4-storey building with solar energy. Today not only has he recovered the initial money he had invested, but he also has made massive savings on electricity. “We have

Chennai’s Big City Problem: Too Many Cars, Too Little Space

A line of shots dot either sides of the road as swarms of people and vehicles inch their way through the streets of T Nagar, one of Chennai’s oldest and most popular shopping destinations. Over the years, T Nagar has become so crowded that neither cars nor people can move around here without stomping on

Why is Bengaluru’s Magadi Road Gaining Traction?

Industrialists in Bengaluru on the lookout for new homes have some reason to cheer – real estate development in and around Magadi road will now give them opportunity to live closer to work. Basavaraj Channiah is a good example of the typical Bengaluru industrialist who will benefit from the real estate development in Magadi Road.