Developers Roll Out Great Deals For Bengaluru Home Buyers

Celebrity endorsements, interest-subvention schemes – it is a buyer’s market out there and these schemes may not be enough for real estate developers to draw customers in. Developers in Bengaluru have realized this and are launching great-sounding deals that they say puts the customer back on top. But are these just marketing gimmicks? Or is

Top Affordable Housing Markets In Gurgaon’s Neighbourhood

The Delhi/National Capital Region (NCR) is considered to be one of the biggest residential hubs of India, with nearly half a million flats under-construction which will be available for occupation in the next 2 to 3 years. As home buyers scramble to pick affordable homes in the better connected micro-markets, we pick two hot spots

Maharashtra’s Push For Smart And Affordable Housing

Affordable housing and Smart Cities – these are the two mantras the Maharashtra government is pursuing as it made changes to its urban township policy. A move that the government hopes will encourage more private developers to come forward and invest in the project. Maharashtra Amends Special Township Policy The Maharashtra government recently took the

5 Things To Know Before Investing In Chennai’s East Coast Road

Don’t we all love a beach in our backyard? If you are a Chennai homebuyer looking for a weekend home or second home, the East Coast Road or ECR is certain to be your number one choice, with the region scoring over other micro-markets in the city. If you are interested in buying a home

High Debts And Delays Continue to Hit Orbit Corporation

In our continuing spotlight on developer delays, we focus once again on Orbit Corporation. It’s been over a year since the management promised to complete work on their projects, yet nothing has been happening on the ground and now more of the company projects are getting seized for non-payment of dues. Orbit Corp Leaves Its

No Service Tax on Under Construction Property: Decoding Delhi HC Judgement

Delhi High Court has recently passed a contentious ruling on levying of Service Tax on under-construction properties. The judgement has left buyers across the country gasping for clarity. We spoke to experts to break down the complicated nuances of this verdict in order to understand its impact and consequences. Below is everything a home buyer

Big Developers, Big Delays: Ansal API

Home buyers in NCR are suffering through a nightmare. Many of them have invested their life’s savings in buying homes from large, branded developers, only to for these projects to stall and grind to a halt. Today, we highlight Ansal API which launched a slew of projects from 2007 to 2012, only for a majority