52-Km Stretch Of KMP Finally Becomes Operational: All You Need To Know

Highways are the lifelines for any city. And they are also the backbone of the country’s economy. At least 70% of Indian freight is still carried by road. Yet road projects in India are often delayed, at times by as many as 7-10 years. Take the case of the KMP Expressway. The authorities took nearly

Buyers Forced To Protest Against Delay Of Dwarka Expressway

Homebuyer protests against defaulting builders have become a common sight in the National Capital Region (NCR). The majority of housing projects in the key markets of NCR – Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida and Dwarka Expressway, have been delayed by over 3 years. But in new turn of events. Homebuyers living along Dwarka Expressway took to

Why Aren’t There Enough Affordable Homes?

Talk about property or housing to anyone in India and the first thing that comes to mind is affordability. Millions of home buyers across the country want to buy affordable homes, but there is hardly anything out there. When there is such tremendous demand, why is there so little supply? The reason is simple. Developers

5 Reasons Why Luxury Is Turning Affordable In Bengaluru

A new segment in residential real estate is gaining ground in Bengaluru. Developers are giving less for more and home buyers aren’t complaining. The right ticket size along with all the premium amenities has made ‘premium affordable’ everything a first-time home-buyer needs. We list the top 5 reasons why these kind of homes may be

Tamil Nadu’s Pioneering Move To Make It’s Housing Green

With elections around the corner, ask anyone in Tamil Nadu what their wish list is and uninterrupted electricity is sure to be right there at the top. The good news is that the state government is taking active steps to grant that wish through renewable-energy sources. Tamil Nadu Goes Solar 60-year-old Narayanan lives in Thiruvanmiyur

A 12- Point Guide To Mumbai’s Revised Development Plan

The last time the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) came out with its draft development plan for Mumbai city, it raised quite a stink. Experts and urban planners pointed out several flaws and errors in the plan, causing it to be withdrawn. Now, the BMC has come out with its revised draft Development Plan – 2034

Big Developers, Big Delays: Amrapali Group

Project delays have ruined what little trust home buyers had in real estate developers in the Delhi/NCR region. No one is ready to invest in a home, when chances are that it could be delayed by years. And developers are not helping matters by repeatedly revising timelines and acting in a non-transparent manner. As part