5 Ways To Ready Yourself To Rent A Home In Mumbai

Let’s face facts. Renting a home in Mumbai can be a nightmare, especially if you are new to town. From astronomically high rents and pigeon-hole apartments to dealing with brokers and landlords, there is a lot to take in. But don’t worry because we got your back. Here are 5 things you must keep in

Beware! Benami Property Transactions Can Land You In Jail For 7 Years

Sticking to its poll promise of curbing black money, the NDA government has ensured smooth passage for the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Bill, 2015 in both the houses of parliament and has been notified. Benami, literally means ‘nameless’ or ‘without a name’. Here are 3 points to remember how the law will qualify a Benami

SC Favours Homebuyers, Comes Down Heavily On Parsvnath And DLF

Two of country’s biggest listed real estate developers lined up at the Supreme Court today in anticipation of a favorable order. The apex court was hearing appeals by builders against the top consumer court, the National Consumer Disputes and Redressal Commission recent verdicts favouring hundreds of distressed homebuyers.

4 Simple Steps To Make Your Housing Society Go Green

Concerned about the environment? Is going green your personal mantra? Well then, you should get your housing society to do its bit for the environment. Taking a cue from housing societies in Mumbai, we list 4 eco-friendly ways your housing complex can cut down on waste, pollution, and expenses. 1) Adopt A Zero-Waste Model Impossible?

5 Themed Restuarants Taking Chennai’s Foodies By Storm

Chennai, a name that brings to mind Idlis, Filter Coffee and Masala Dosa – but wait, the city today has much more to offer. N

Ultra Luxury in Bengaluru Sells, Even in a Downturn

1. Because you get nothing less than a 5 star living experience from the 5 star hospitality majors who dominate this segment- The Leela Group, Four Seasons Hilton Hotels to name a few. who have tied up with marquee developers in the city to deliver the best of the best. With such reputed names on

Meet The Citizens Who Clean Up Chennai As The City Sleeps

After the sun sets, these people appear. Armed with brushes, scrubbers and paint cans they gather at bus stops, post-offices and ration shops to remove posters, clean up the muck and make it beautiful. Thuvakkam, an NGO started 2 years ago in Chennai, came up with this concept of ‘Cleanup after dark.’ and that’s why