5 Co-Working Spaces In Bangalore That Startups Must Explore

If you are a budding startup looking for new office space, consider moving to Bengaluru where co-working spaces are booming. Offering amenities like infinity pools, gyms and yoga sessions, these spaces are blurring the lines of what a traditional office space should look like while helping maintain the startup ecosystem. We highlight 5 co-working spaces in the city that you must explore.

1) The Hive

This 60,000 sq. feet co-working space is spread across 3 floors. But what really sets this one apart from other co-working spaces is that it is part of a mall. Members of the Hive get access to a sky deck, swimming pool, a functional gym and off course the best in branded retail. A spot here will set you back around Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000 per month depending on your requirements, but you will be eligible for 10% to 20% discounts at different stores and facilities within the mall.


2) Cowrks

This one is unique in that it is located inside a tech park. But why would startups want to work in a co-working space instead of getting their own office? Well, Cowrks has a different audience in mind, as it believes in enhancing collaborations among different startups by creating a supportive ecosystem. You can choose from an open and fully functional lounge setup where you can connect with other startups or choose a closed cabin setup that seats 20. Prices here range from Rs 690 for a day pass going up to Rs 6,900 to Rs 20,000 for a month depending on the kind of space you need.


3) Dialogue Café

They say that most startups are born out of coffee shops and Dialogue Cafe in Koramangala is out to prove them right. This café’s claim to fame is that it only charges you for the time you spend in here and everything else is free. At least that’s what their tagline says. A no-noise reading zone and a 10-seater conference room is what makes this cafe stand out and writers, budding entrepreneurs as well as tuition teachers often frequent this space. Working here will cost you Rs 190 for the first hour and Rs 3 per minute after that. Prices are inclusive of a snack and drink, along with high-speed internet.


4) Jaaga

One of Bengaluru’s oldest co-working spaces, Jaaga works like a startup accelerator. Access to this space is not easy, with membership being given only after a thorough interview and back ground check. Close to Bengaluru’s Central Business Districts, Jaaga is a pent house which aims to host like-minded startups that can enhance each other’s potential. Prices start from Rs 4,000 and upwards for a monthly pass.


5) BHive

Among the larger co-working spaces in Bengaluru, the BHive already has 4 centers in the city even though it has only been 2 years since it started. 2 of its centers in Koramangala and Indiranagar have a villa-type setting for startups looking for a more laid-back atmosphere while the centers in HSR layout are more futuristically designed, catering to a more corporate audience. They also host a global platform where startups can come together to share stories of their failure and how best to avoid such mistakes. Prices here vary, starting from Rs 300 for a daily pass to up to Rs 8,000 per month for dedicated cabin space.


Reporter- Stacy Linera Pereira
Edited by- Nikhil Narayan Sivadas

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