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NDTV-Fortis Health4U: Free Blood Glucose Tests Across the Nation

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On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, the NDTV-Fortis Health4U campaign in partnership with SRL Diagnostics conducted free Blood Glucose Tests across seven major cities of India. The aim of this initiative was to make people aware of the importance of being vigilant about one's health, by getting tested regularly and making the right lifestyle choices to stay safe from Type-II Diabetes.

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  1. Want to know about Heart Disease,I was having problem,about three years back,a stent was fixed and now I am on medication.Please advise which is best medicine,my age is 70 plus.

    • Take it as a friend. Make up your mind to be highly positive. Help others. The energy and confidence in you cures many irregularities. Till then continue your medication in a friendly manner.

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  4. I wanted to know that is by chewing pan masala and zarda cause mouth cancer if one have 5-6packets a day .

    He is having a healthy life he is28 years old . and there seems to be no problem
    He is eating pan masala since last 5-6 years .

    There is no abnormality in his day to day life his mouth is also healthy it seems . he is eating everything like fruits and foods as normal

    So I just wanted to know what are the indications of mouth cancer or cancer

  5. Awesome! Luv dis!