Abida was forced into marriage after the Gujarat riots broke out in 2002. It wasn’t safe for her to go to school anymore.

Kalpana spent her childhood cooking for her brother and father, the absence of a mother didn’t leave her a choice.

Nandini assists at a beauty salon to make ends meet at home, she dropped out from school because her construction worker father couldn’t afford to educate her any longer.

53% of girls in the age group of 5 to 9 years are illiterate in India. Poverty, lack of infrastructure, gender bias and an abysmal stagnation towards the education of girls has snuffed out many a young dream. For some young girls though, the spirit never dies.

#EducateTheGirlChild tracks the journey of such special girls, who despite all odds, said – I still have a dream, and I dare to make my dreams a reality.

We see firsthand, how a change in mindsets due to education can revolutionise gender and caste equations, can give opportunities that change lives and can bring communities together.

Through this campaign, we’re trying to address pertinent questions such as:
– Why India needs to push education for girls
– How it impacts their overall well being, besides making them emotionally and financially independent
– What it means for the country and its growth
– How can we achieve better nutrition for the girl child

Join us, as we meet these warriors of change and pledge to #EducateTheGirlChild.