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In Search of A Better Future: Story of Hajiya Begum

Hajiya Begum’s father Ibrahim died when she was 6-years-old. Her mother Farzana works as a tailor in Shamshabad, where she was born. However, they rarely meet each other. Farzana didn’t like the fact that Hajiya was born a girl.

‘My Alcoholic Father Drove My Mother To Suicide’

Despite an alcoholic father who drove her mother to killing herself, Thenmozhi has been determined to complete her education and become an IAS officer. She understand the importance of studying and is trying her best at her level to encourage one and all to attend school.

Why Educate The Girl Child

53% of girls in the age group of 5-9 years are illiterate in India. Poverty, lack of infrastructure, gender bias and an abysmal stagnation towards education of girls has snuffed out many a young dreams. For some girls though, the spirit never dies. #EducateTheGirlChild tracks the journey of such special girls, who despite all odds said - I still have a dream, and I dare to make my dreams a reality.


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