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India has moved proudly into the 21st century, and is striding into the Digital Era. The Union Government’s Digital India project is the road map to this dream — a truly interconnected India, with the fruits of technology available to all. No matter where an Indian lives, he or she should be able to participate in the great Indian democracy; be a part of the Indian economy; and be able to access governments and government services through the magic of the Internet. This is the process of Digitizing India.

Inspired by this unique project initiated by the Government of India, Cisco and NDTV are organizing the Digitizing India awards on the 17th of July, 2015. This is an event aimed at recognizing companies and institutions across India that have been exemplary in their efforts to Digitize India.

Cisco has recently announced plans to invest a total of 60 million US dollars into India through direct and indirect investments over the next five years.

As part of its commitment to helping India become a world leader in manufacturing, Cisco will use its global supply chain expertise to help build and accelerate the manufacturing ecosystem in India. Cisco’s diverse global supply chain operations, deep understanding of highly complex manufacturing processes and leadership in the Internet of Everything (IoE) has helped the company become a global leader in highly complex manufacturing.

To help accelerate the development of India’s electronics manufacturing ecosystem, Cisco will organize the Cisco Design and Innovation Conference in Bengaluru in February 2016, to bring together over 75 of Cisco’s key suppliers and partners to drive collaboration on product development and IoE enabled supply chain technology.

As part of Cisco’s commitment to accelerating India’s digital transformation, the company will expand the Cisco Networking Academy program to help India increase its pool of highly skilled technology professionals. The Cisco Networking Academy in India is one of the largest programs for Cisco worldwide.

Across 198 academies nationwide an approximately 100,000 Indian students have been trained since its inception. The skills-development program is a cloud-delivered, scalable, high-quality program that helps students learn how to design, build, secure and maintain computer networks. Supporting the government’s vision to help Indians acquire the skills necessary for 21st century jobs, Cisco will contribute up to USD 20 million, in direct and indirect investment, to train an additional 120,000 students in India by 2020.

Cisco also announced an USD 40 million investment towards the expansion of its India facility. Spread over 4 million square feet, and designed as a campus-as-a-city for thousands of Cisco employees to work, play and learn, the Cisco Smart City is a spectacular showcase of the future of smart and connected communities in India.

Under the ‘India Innovation Theme’, Cisco has helped create a vibrant ecosystem catering to the needs of a rapidly digitizing India. With over 25 direct and indirect investments, Cisco is collaborating with entrepreneurs across India to discover and accelerate the creation and adoption of disruptive technologies as well as new business models around IoE.

Supporting Quotes

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO said, “We are investing big in India. I have deep admiration for the country, as it truly understands the importance of digitization and the impact it will have. We came to India for the quality of the workforce. We invested in innovation, which is now transforming industries. Cisco is committed to partnering with India’s government to translate the Digital India vision into reality. I believe that India’s entrepreneurial spirit, highly skilled workforce and supportive government will accelerate the country’s digital transformation.”

Chuck Robbins, incoming CEO said, “The Indian government’s vision for a Digital India is truly transformative and will create huge opportunities for the country and its citizens. Cisco believes our renewed local investments, global expertise, and world-class innovation will accelerate the government’s vision to create sustainable competitiveness and prosperity. We are deeply committed to partnering with India to achieve their digital vision.”

Dinesh Malkani, President, Cisco India and SAARC said, “The government’s Digital India vision will unleash huge opportunities, revolutionizing the way we live, work, play, and learn. Today’s announcements underscore India’s strategic importance to Cisco’s global operations particularly as an innovator in the next wave of the Internet’s development. Cisco has made significant investments in India since we established operations in the country in 1995 and today’s announcement will lay the foundation for the next chapter in Cisco’s development in India.”

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