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Internet Of Everything

At a time when it feels as if we are more connected than ever before, it’s amazing to think that the Internet is just over 8000 days old, that 2.5 billion people and 37 billion things will join the Internet by 2020. This is just the beginning of connecting the world, with more than 99 percent of things in the physical world unconnected and ready to be “woken up”.

New connections will create unprecedented opportunities and experiences as people, processes, data and things join and interact on the “Internet of Everything.” There is tremendous power and value as more people come online, and tens of billions of things are connected – from buildings to medical devices to highways.

The “Internet of Everything” requires a distributed, application-centric networking, computing and storage platform, that connects people, process, data and things in ways that were not possible before. The explosive growth of new connections is driven by the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled devices, the increase in global broadband access and the advent of IPv6. The Cisco network provides an intelligent, manageable, secure infrastructure that can scale to support billions of connected devices. By helping businesses transform and industries modernize, the Internet of Everything is Digitizing India.

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