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Cisco Video Surveillance Solutions Help Navi Mumbai Police to Track, Monitor and Prevent Crime


Navi Mumbai, which is in close proximity to Mumbai is a rapidly growing business hub in Maharashtra. It is fast emerging as a key IT hub and requires an efficient integrated transport system, adequate and regular power supply, state-of-the-art telecom network in order to enhance the quality of life of its over 12 lakh residents.

Business Challenge

Incidentally this region is also a prime target for terrorist/criminal activities that can inflict damage to life and property of the residents. The Government of Maharashtra realized the imminent need to enhance the security of the region and was on the lookout for a comprehensive security management system that would improve the overall security cover and assist Navi Mumbai Police in managing law & order.

The solution had to not only enable the civic authorities bring down the possibilities of a security breach but also ensure better safety across the city through 24×7 intelligent monitoring, quicker response time, faster access to evidence in case of a law violation.

Integration of the various stakeholders like the Navi-Mumbai Police, NMMC (Navi-Mumbai Municipal Corporation), railways, shopping malls, multiplexes, theatres, schools, hotels, hospitals and other public places, corporate houses and citizens was extremely critical. This was important because each of these stakeholders had a different set of expectations and dependencies.


The implemented solution had to be scalable and easily integrate into existing security platforms in the city which the stakeholders were already familiar with. Speed of implementation was also critical to help reduce operational costs and risk and mange post implementation issues if any.

Cisco Solution
With a vision to implement a holistic and integrated surveillance system in Navi Mumbai, the Government of Maharashtra decided to align with Cisco for a connected physical security solution that would transform the way people, property and infrastructure in the city would be protected. A video surveillance system was implemented in order to enhance the overall safety and security of city, address concerns pertaining to likely violation of law and order, traffic violations, turnaround time for crime resolution and act as an aid to investigation. (Read More: Comprehensive Security Management System Enhances City’s Security Cover)

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