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Digitizing India Awards Categories


Smart Manufacturing

This award seeks to recognize enterprises that combine data, technology and human ingenuity to develop and implement intelligence in every aspect of business. Participants will be evaluated on improvements in aspects such as costs, safety, secure production, energy efficiency and environmental impact. This award offers an opportunity to share digital solutions in the areas of automation networks, plant-wide wireless, security, collaboration, data integration and cloud computing. Applications that interconnect and better harmonize individual stages of manufacturing, from production to advance plant-wide efficiency, also qualify.

Who can apply:

  • Organizations that have moved to smart manufacturing using data intelligence and innovative digital solutions to enable the dream of a digitized India.
  • Companies that connect factory-specific information to data throughout the supply chain — from raw material availability and customer demand to the delivery of finished goods.

Smart City Solutions

This award seeks to recognize entities that are working to optimize city management and ease the lives of citizens. This includes efforts to consolidate citizen services such as waste management, parking, water management, smart lighting, healthcare, safety, security and others to achieve maximum efficiency. Projects involving connected data flows, creation of new value chains for enhanced services etc. will be considered. So will 360-degree solutions that involve process innovation for smart living. These solutions could include use of unified communications solutions, video safety and security / surveillance systems etc. to facilitate better security and communication with the goal of building smarter cities.

Who can apply:  

  • Companies engaged in smart city development including integrated operations, smart utilities, citizen services, smart transportation, safety and security and other digital applications that demonstrate a connected community.

Smart Campus

This award seeks to recognize workplaces adopting new technologies and systems to radically change the way they operate. A Smart Campus is defined as one that is equipped to monitor occupancy as well as connect and communicate with equipment to create performance efficiency, reduce operational costs and provide actionable intelligence. This is an opportunity to showcase the use of collaboration, controllability, mobility, security or similar architectures to harness the power of a converged network.

Who can apply:

  • Organizations and institutions with smart buildings that have resulted in reduced carbon emissions, enhanced employee productivity, single portal resource management, operational excellence, seamless workplace experience and complete security management.

Digital Enterprise

This award seeks to recognise organisations that have successfully integrated people, processes, data and things to become future-ready digital enterprises. Data centres, cloud services, security, mobility and collaboration tools have led to the evolution and emergence of a new age enterprise that promotes smoother operations and effective decision making. This is an opportunity to showcase companies that have successfully made this transition.

Who can apply:

  • Organisations, institutions and service providers that have smart setups and can demonstrate the innovative use of digital technology to improve productivity, operations, business processes as well as boost profitability.

Digital Innovation in the Financial Industry

This award seeks to recognize banking and financial service institutions that have integrated digital technologies to drive automation, efficiency and opportunities. Organisations will be evaluated based on how they use solutions such as data centres, security systems and intelligent networks to optimize efficiencies, reduce costs, serve customers and achieve significant scale in monetization.

Who can apply:

  • Banks, financial institutions and government organizations demonstrating digitization through end-to-end technology solutions using data centers, intelligent networks, security and other applications.

New Age Service Provider of the Year

This award seeks to recognize service providers who are effectively supporting their customers’ businesses through platforms enabling business and network agility. Factors such as the provision of web speed across all network domains, supporting a new class of cloud-based services and facilitating the shift to new business models will be considered. This is an opportunity for service providers who are pushing the envelope through investments in physical infrastructure to meet new service and user demands, such as 4K video, cloud, mobile, M2M, On Demand and seamless experiences, with an elastic and converged network fabric across core, edge, optical and into the data center.

Who can apply:

  • Service providers – telecommunications (wireline and wireless), cable & satellite service providers.

Disruptive Digital Innovator

This award seeks to recognize mid-market business outfits and start-ups that have turned their ideas into successful businesses through the innovative use of digital technologies. Using technology based on cloud services, intelligent networks, collaboration tools, security and mobility, these businesses are disrupting the business landscape; thereby  contributing to innovation, growth and job creation. This is also an opportunity to showcase digital transformation success stories.

Who can apply:

  • New age entrepreneurs and businesses that connect people, processes, data and things for enhanced productivity, efficiency, profitability and customer experience including but not limited to digital start-ups and e-commerce players.
  • This category is also open to established businesses adapting to the changing environment by reinventing themselves for the digital age.

Smart e-Governance Initiative

e-Governance is penetrating both urban and rural India to drive growth within the country. This award seeks to recognize achievements in the area of e-Governance through the effective use of ICT.  Both path-breaking ICT as well as the innovative use of existing ICT to deliver enhanced value will be considered. Organizations are also invited to showcase effective methods of designing and implementing sustainable e-Governance initiatives and horizontal transfers of successful e-Governance solutions for this category.

Who can apply:

  • Central ministries/departments, states/ UTs, districts, local bodies, PSUs, civil society organizations and the industry.

Non Jury Special Awards 

Cisco Digital Literacy Award

The new phase of the Internet will bring many opportunities to revolutionize the world as we know it. Successful education institutions are embracing digital technologies that are shaping the future of teaching and learning. Innovative institutions understand that India needs a workforce that is ready to realize the opportunities of a digital world. The Digital Literacy Award recognizes educational institutions that are harnessing the power of digitization to prepare students for the new digitized economy.

Cisco Digital Pioneer Award

In India the country’s deep engineering talent, increased investments, government support and a thriving entrepreneurial spirit have created a perfect environment to foster digital pioneers. Visionaries in the digital space in India are leading the way in applying the Internet of Everything to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges as well drive business outcomes. The Digital Pioneer Award recognizes individuals who have used digital technologies to address customer needs and solve business problems.

Cisco Social Innovation Award

The success of the Internet of Everything will be measured by the extent to which we are able to harness its benefits for society. Digitization is enabling social innovation, to reach those for whom it is intended, by using technology that can empower people and change lives. Pioneering organisations today use social innovation solutions and embrace the Internet of Everything to develop safer, smarter, and healthier societies. The award seeks to recognize these path-breaking companies who are leaders in Social Innovation.

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