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About Digitizing India Awards

The future is not a distant dot on the horizon. It is here, now. With the total number of connected devices worldwide having exceeded the total population of the Earth, the time is right to harness the power of the Internet of Everything.

Cisco & NDTV want to recognize the first movers that have begun the journey towards the Smart India of tomorrow. ‘Digitizing India Awards’, are the first awards of their kind, intended to recognize, promote and reward innovators, institutions, and companies that are using the Internet of Everything to generate new ideas and discover new solutions in a Digitizing India. And changing the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’. (Read More: Digitizing India Awards Categories)

An eminent jury comprised of noted Indians from the world of technology and business will preside over this event, where awards will be handed out in many different categories – recognizing both the public and the private sector.

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  1. I have some queries regarding the nomination. Can you please share the contact number of some one form the award committee?