Shelley Saxena | Founder, Sevamob

Shelley Saxena | Founder, Sevamob

Shelley Saxena
Founder, Sevamob

Shelley Saxena, who has an MBA from Cornell and B.E. from IIT Roorkee, founded Sevamob – an online health exchange and primary healthcare provider in 2012 after misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment of his mom in Lucknow. Prior to Sevamob, he managed worldwide products for IBM and co-founded a profitable mobile technology startup.

The doctor density in developing countries like India is one fourth than that of the US. As a result life expectancy is 14 years lower than the US, maternal mortality is 8 times and child mortality is 20 times that of the US. Sevamob addresses this gap via mobile clinics and a tele-health marketplace in India and South Africa.

On a subscription model, its mobile clinics provide comprehensive care onsite, which includes consultations, medicines, 26 different rapid tests at point-of-care, dental, vision, ENT and diet planning. Its tele-health marketplace offers video consultations and second opinions from participating providers. It uses proprietary technology for health data collection and analytics. It is currently performing 20,000+ patient consultations per month. More than 470 healthcare providers are participating in its marketplace. Its customers include schools, employers, NGOs, corporate CSR and hospitals.

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