Nikhil Dugal | Co-Founder, Aadhan Infrastructure

Nikhil Dugal | Co-Founder, Aadhan Infrastructure

Nikhil has a B.A. in Economics from New York University. He has worked in the US, Ghana and India in the related fields of Public Policy, Microfinance and Development Research. Prior to Aadhan, he worked at IFMR-LEAD as a Policy Associate, where has was responsible for outreach to development sector stakeholders and handling policy research projects. He has published research on macroeconomics, microfinance as well as impact evaluation.

Infrastructure is a major barrier to the provision of services in rural India, making it difficult for companies and individuals trying to implement programs and work in remote areas. Our company addresses this problem by manufacturing standardized buildings, which can be sent to any location in the country. These structures are made from old shipping containers retired from their tenure at sea, which go to landfill or are discarded as scrap, along with other environmentally friendly materials.

Aadhan’s infrastructure eliminates the need to invest in land or immovable assets, and organizations can simply rent land to operate an off-the-grid facility anywhere in the country. The facility allows the organization to reduce its cost of operations and establish its own identity in the community, while also recycling over one ton of steel.

Currently, Aadhan is looking for those market leaders who are ahead of the curve and are able to see the tremendous utility of container Infrastructure. Commencing operations in September 2015, they have set up a skill training classroom with the government, an office for a school in Delhi, and are currently building digital mobile libraries for an NGO as well as processing facilities for a social enterprise. They are an Unlimited Delhi incubatee and were one of the winners of ISB’s Idiya National Social Enterprise Challenge 2015.

  1. Congrats . Happened to watch the ndtv programme tonight .
    Tried calling up on the landline but seems everyone was busy watching the programme. .Boss. Well done.

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