Akash Agarwal | Director & Co-Founder, New Leaf Dynamic

Akash Agarwal | Director & Co-Founder, New Leaf Dynamic

Akash Agarwal
Director & Co-Founder, New Leaf Dynamic Technologies

Akash is young, optimistic and a true visionary. With a degree in Marketing from the University of Utah, USA, Akash brings a new energy to the work force and a sense of optimism to future growth.

Given his marketing background, he is rightly able to connect the dots and understand the needs of an environmental friendly, changing world. Akash takes great interest in field work and believes in constant touch with the root force, especially farmers of North India who are in need of refrigeration systems that can provide low-cost cooling and also help them save their produce.

Based on his interest, Akash Agarwal along with Anurag Agarwal co-founded New Leaf Dynamic Technologies in 2012 to undertake R&D and adaptation of environment-friendly cooling technology for refrigeration with clean energy infusion focus.

The company has already reached a go-to-market stage and has setup field installations with orders and active cases in the pipeline for their product GreenCHILL, which is an off-grid, compressor-less and renewable energy powered refrigeration system that doesn’t use grid power supply and polluting DG sets. It primarily depends on use of locally available low-cost farm waste like biogas, cow-dung cakes, dead wood, rice husk, bamboo etc. or biomass Gasifiers.

GreenCHILL can be used to preserve 1000 L milk, 10 MT of fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish and other horticultural produce before it is ready to ship to market or processing facility.

GreenCHILL has no net carbon and GHG emissions and currently it’s running at 3 locations in Odisha, Rajasthan and Delhi.

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  1. This is a great idea. How much does it cost and what is the monetization plan once installed?

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